San Francisco Giants Ace Considered as Yankees Commerce Candidate

The San Francisco Giants' biggest offseason move this year hasn't worked out yet. Blake Snell, the National League Cy Young Award winner for the 2023 season, has pitched in three games so far, recording 15 earned runs in 11 2/3 innings. His ERA of 11.57 is as bad as it's ever been for a left-handed hitter.

Snell hit the IL with an adductor strain, which may have played a role since he was unable to jump on the floor. At least this should give the 31-year-old a start in rehab, which he obviously needed, even if he said he didn't believe in it.

The Giants, currently 13-15, are just 4.5 games out of the National League West. If they can play the way they were expected to after Snell's return early in the season, this will be a team that has a chance to reach the postseason and even win the division if all goes well.

If that doesn't happen, Snell could be a potential trade candidate.

YanksGoYard's Adam Weinrib listed options for the New York Yankees after Jesus Luzardo suffered an injury and named Snell as an option for the Yankees.

There was interest from New York before he landed in San Francisco, and if they believe he can help them at the deadline, it wouldn't be a surprising result. The Yankees also have a top farm system, so trading with them could interest the Giants.

Snell would be back in the AL East, a division many consider to be the best in baseball outside of the NL West.

If Snell comes back and doesn't look the part, it could be the smart decision from a front office perspective to terminate that contract. Moving him would depend on many factors, but he needs to start being himself to justify sticking around if a postseason bid is out of reach by July.

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