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San Francisco extends stay-at-home order and necessary quarantine

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – San Francisco has expanded both its travel advice and stay at home ordering service.

The city said Thursday it doesn’t appear that the Bay Area will have 15% of the available intensive capacity by Jan. 7. At this point, your home stay order should likely expire as long as the COVID numbers improve.

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Mayor of London Breed and Health Director Dr. Grant Colfax also expanded the travel advice that requires a 10-day quarantine for all people coming to San Francisco from outside the Bay Area, with a few exceptions for important travelers.

No expected date has been set for the cancellation of the orders.

“The renewal of both health mandates will continue until the Bay Area is no longer subject to the state’s regional residency ordinances. Once the state repeals its regional home stay ordinance, San Francisco will reassess key health indicators to see if they support easing current restrictions on businesses and activities and resuming the measured reopening process that adheres to the state framework oriented. “

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Another reason a new expiration date has not been set is because the country has not yet recognized the consequences of people who ignored stay-at-home orders over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

“We have proactively ensured that order remains at home and quarantine on travel is in place to protect the Franciscans and in the hope that by acting quickly we can flatten the curve and reopen it more quickly,” said Breed. “It seems to be working, but we need more time to realize that we are going in the right direction and that the December holidays are not throwing us back. There are glimmers of hope and now is not the time to let up. ”

The following activities must be temporarily closed until further notice:

  • Personal services: hair and nail salons, hairdressers, tattoos, piercings, beauticians and massages must cease operations, including indoor and outdoor operations.
  • Outdoor dining: Restaurants can only deliver or take away.
  • Open-air museums, aquariums and zoos
  • Indoor gyms
  • Drive-in meetings. Driving in theaters and other performances offered in a drive-in context must be discontinued.
  • Outdoor family entertainment centers
  • Open-air bus and boat operators

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The following activities must still be performed at a reduced capacity:

  • Sale. All retail stores such as shopping malls, hardware stores, convenience stores, equipment rentals, and specialty stores must reduce capacity to 20% (and implement a metering system. Stand-alone grocery stores can operate at 35% capacity.
  • Retail with little contact. Service-oriented retail such as dog groomers, electronics repair services, and shoe repair services can only operate in a roadside context.

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The following activities can continue with changes:

  • Hotels may only accept reservations from key workers traveling for work purposes or to support critical infrastructure, including accommodation for isolation and quarantine purposes. If a person from another state who is not traveling for essential purposes makes a reservation, it must be at least the number of days required for quarantine. The people specified in the reservation must be quarantined in the hotel or accommodation for the entire required time. Reservations made by non-essential CA residents may not be accepted or recognized.
  • Small gatherings. Small outdoor gatherings must be limited to members of a household with a maximum of 12 people or a maximum of 2 people from 2 households. Face covering should always be left in place, except when eating or drinking. Indoor gatherings between different households are not permitted.
  • Outdoor gyms. Outdoor fitness or fitness center activities, as well as outdoor fitness group classes (such as boot camps, dance, yoga, tai chi, etc.) are limited to groups of 12 people, including staff, and must maintain strict spacing requirements for face covering. Running groups are prohibited.

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  • Youth sports. Youth sports activities associated with a childcare program, an after-school time program, or any other organized and supervised youth sports program may only be continued outdoors without competitions or spectators and with strict social distancing and face protection requirements.
  • Indoor activities open to the public. Any facility that allows members of the public to access indoor areas, including shopping malls, grocery stores, corner stores, financial services, hardware stores, pharmacies, etc., must put in place a metering system to monitor capacity thresholds and ensure that capacity does not exceed the limits. In fact, a company needs to assign a specific person on the staff to monitor the number of people in the facility and to ensure that the 20% capacity threshold (or the 35% capacity for standalone grocery stores) is met at all times. In addition, special hours should be set up for the elderly and other people with chronic illnesses or a weakened immune system.
  • Adult recreation. Non / low contact adult activities such as golf, tennis, pickle ball and bocce can continue outdoors subject to restrictions (golf is limited to two people and members of different households are not allowed to share a cart; tennis and pickle ball are for singles without sharing limited) equipment).

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