San Francisco Bay Space physician lists Four foremost explanation why he believes everybody ought to masks indoors once more

San Francisco (KGO) – Coronavirus cases across the country tripled to over 35,000 a day in the past month. More health authorities have to rethink mask requirements until more people are vaccinated.

California currently has the 17th highest COVID-19 case rate in the country. COVID act now ..

Context: The CA’s schedule for achieving herd immunity was “postponed beyond autumn” due to the delta variant, doctors say.

Two weeks after the state reopened in June, the Bay Area’s moving average rose. As a result, many California counties recommend or require that you wear a mask indoors, even if you are fully vaccinated.

“I think it could be a little confusing,” said Cambria Garrel, who lives in Los Angeles.

And she’s not the only one who feels that way. Two months ago, the CDC said that vaccinated people can take their masks off in most situations.

One woman who works in the Bay Area said, “I think it’s kind of an uproar and contradiction. I just keep going with myself because I am obliged to do so in my workplace. “

Video: Doctors explain the potential for infection with the coronavirus after vaccination

“I’m careful and use masks anyway, but the layout is a bit confusing,” says James Wheeler, who lives in San Francisco.

“It feels confusing because it’s confusing. The rules change as we talk, ”agreed Dr. Bob Wachter, chairman of the UCSF School of Medicine, too.

Dr. Wachter thinks it makes sense to wear a mask indoors for four main reasons:

1. Delta variants are twice as contagious.

“It makes it much more dangerous to do the exact same activity as you did a month ago.”

2. Lots of unmasked people mean there are lots of viruses in the air.

“When you go to a supermarket and you have someone who isn’t wearing a mask, you don’t know if you’ve been vaccinated or not.”

3. There are more breakthrough infections. Vaccinated people are very unlikely to be hospitalized, but the likelihood of long-haul truck symptoms is unknown.

“I don’t know if there will be a persistent headache or a brain fog.”

4. Stop sending

“I don’t want to infect it and then accidentally transfer it to the children I’ve met who are receiving cancer chemotherapy or who haven’t been vaccinated.”

Dr. Wachter believes it is safe to take off the mask indoors in a small group known to be fully vaccinated.

“I think that’s reasonable. It’s not a zero risk, but it’s a very low risk, ”he said.

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The San Francisco Bay Area doctor lists 4 main reasons he believes everyone should mask themselves indoors again

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