San Francisco-based Credibl, World PCCS partner-up to speed up better ESG adoption

As companies increasingly encounter conversations about environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, the business community faces the task of navigating the sometimes-contradictory web of regulations governing the world of ESG investing.

In the US, ESG-related regulatory risk primarily originates from three key sources: the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the US Department of Labor (DOL), and state legislatures and agencies.

In recent years, ESG has evolved into an area of focus because of investor demand for investment products and strategies that further investors’ ESG goals. As a result, even tangential, ESG-related disclosures made by firms to investors and clients can be deemed “material” in the SEC’s view.

It’s become clear that increasingly, this world is difficult for enterprises to navigate, both in the US and abroad.

For Global PCCS and its founder Dr.PraBhaKar Bhangare, helping organizations comply with regulations is core to the company. The organization has close to 2 decades of experience helping product manufacturers reach compliance. 

This month the organization announced a collaboration with Credibl, a San Francisco-based tech startup founded a team of Silicon Valley veterans that leverages AI to enable companies to provide more accurate ESG data reporting.

Credibl’s solutions include an AI-powered ESG data management software and reporting platform to measure, manage and track data.

Global PCCS Founder Dr.PraBhaKar Bhangare

The new partnership means Global PCCS and its customers will have greater access to the SF-based startup’s AI-driven ESG reporting platform. Authorized by DXC Technology for IMDS and CDX training, Global PCCS to-date provides its companies with access to over 100 global compliance experts to-date.

Credibl, led by its CEO Jitesh Shetty, is on a mission is to make sustainability reporting seamless as financial reporting.

The company is recognized for its ability to provide real-time, actionable insights that enable businesses to navigate the complexities of sustainability with precision and ease.

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