San Francisco 49ers make enormous transfer up in 2021 NFL Draft with Miami Dolphins

The San Francisco 49ers move all in.

The big move for a quarterback, at least we guess, finally happened for rivals for the Arizona Cardinals after things got a little out of hand with Deshaun Watson.

Instead, the 49ers focused on the 2021 NFL draft, moving from the 12th selection in the draft to the third selection in the draft with a massive trade with the Miami Dolphins.

Submitted to ESPN: Dolphins will swap # 3 in the San Francisco 49ers for # 12, a selection for the third round in 2021 (SF’s selection for hiring Robert Saleh) and the selection for the first round in 2022 and 2023 per source.

Blockbusters will have massive consequences in the years to come.

– Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) March 26, 2021

The 49ers move up to pick up one of the quarterbacks in the 2021 NFL Draft. The likely candidates are Trey Lance and Justin Fields, but we even get smoke on Mac Jones, which means no one knows exactly who it will be and they have to keep things interesting.

The 49ers will get a fantastic quarterback, mostly of their choosing, and have some time to groom under Kyle Shanahan and with Jimmy Garoppolo in tow.

As a Cardinals fan, which young quarterback would you least like to see in San Francisco?

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