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Safaí returns to house base within the Excelsior

Ahsha Safaí needed no guides on Friday afternoon — as he did in the Mission and Tenderloin earlier this week — to introduce himself to business owners at Geneva Avenue and London Street, one block from one of the busiest commercial corridors in his district.

“I have to do really well in my district,” the District 11 supervisor and mayoral hopeful said. “Because it’s my base of support.” 

Indeed, when he greeted business owners and residents on Friday, most seemed familiar with him and were glad to hear he was running for mayor. Some asked for signs to put in their windows. One of the “Chinese uncles” at Claddagh Cafe recognized him: “I know you on TV!” 

An older woman talks with a man in suit, holding his arm
A District 11 resident talks with Ahsha Safaí at Daniels Pharmacy on Geneva Avenue. Photo by Junyao Yang on May 17, 2024.

His first stop was Cobbler’s Number Two, a shop since 1928, where he brought his beat-up leather shoes in for a shoe shine for his back-to-back events Friday night. 

Outside the cobbler’s, Safaí stopped to talk with an unhoused man. “Tony,” he called his name. “We gotta get you inside, man. How come you didn’t want to go inside a shelter?”

“I just don’t feel it in my heart,” Tony said. 

Safaí said his team had talked with Tony earlier about a shelter, but without success. 

“I’ll have to come out here and talk to you one more time,” Safaí told him before moving on.   

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