Sacramento handyman, former boxer killed in vacant house

Ahmad “Nuru” Hempstead was brutally assaulted and killed in an apartment in South Sacramento where he was working on renovations

SACRAMENTO, California – A close-knit, heartbroken family gathered in prayer and chant on Sunday evening to continue seeking answers and justice.

They want to know who killed Ahmad Hempstead (48) in an empty house on La Pera Court.

“He didn’t deserve this. And I love him,” said Tonia Hempstead, sister. “Whoever did that, please just give yourself up! Give yourself up! Because he’s a good man. He doesn’t deserve it.”

Hempstead, a former professional boxer also known as “Nuru”, worked as a craftsman. His family said he was in the process of renovating the apartment when he was brutally attacked and killed. His trailer stayed outside the apartment on Sunday. The police discovered his body on Friday evening and have no evidence to report.

“He did the job. He broke his ankle doing what he had to do,” said Ahmad Karriem Hempstead Jr., Hempstead’s eldest son.

Hempstead Jr. said his father taught him how to meditate and encouraged him to seek knowledge. He said his father always had positive feelings towards others and never failed to call or write with uplifting messages. These are all traits he intends to pass on to Hempstead’s grandchild as he struggles with the loss of his father.

“Just those principles and morals that he passed down – you know – it’s hard,” said Hempstead Jr.

Hempstead’s sisters said he was a man of many talents. Although he was a trained professional boxer and cage fighter, it was said that the athlete also loved art and the spoken word. In short, they say he was a gentle giant.

“Our family is looking for answers. We don’t know who would do this to my brother. My brother wouldn’t hurt a fly,” said Arifah Hempstead, sister.

The family is offering a $ 10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. Anyone with information should call the Sacramento Valley Crime Stopper or the Sacramento Police Department, which are actively investigating this murder case.

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