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This exciting move will bring a white glove decluttering service to South Florida residents and businesses, as well as a showroom where they can buy and sell high-quality, pre-loved goods

When entrepreneur and investor Luis Perez saw a gap in the marketplace for a high-tech, white glove haul service, he decided to create one—and in 2014, Remoov was launched. Using original algorithms to automate the appraisal and resale process of pre-owned items quickly and efficiently, Remoov helps homeowners and corporations declutter by picking up unwanted goods, selling what they can for the owner’s profit, donating what can be repurposed and responsibly disposing of remaining items. After a successful 2020, due in part to the work-from-home lifestyle spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, Remoov more than doubled its profits and is now going national—expanding to Miami from its headquarters in San Francisco.

With this expansion, South Florida residents will get multiple benefits, like a top-of-the-line decluttering service right at their fingertips, the ability to earn 50% of profits from their resold goods and tax benefits for donated items. Goods that can be resold will be done both online and through Remoov’s own showroom. Goods that have been earmarked for donation will be sent to different non-profit organizations in South Florida and clients thereby receive a tax compliant donation receipt. Items that cannot be sold or donated will be disposed of responsibly, in line with Remoov’s commitment to sustainability and the environment.

For consumers, using Remoov’s services is as simple as a three-step process. Customers start by taking photos of the items they want to get rid of, and either texting or uploading them to Remoov’s website with the item name, brand, original price and age. Within one business day, they’ll receive an estimate that includes the cost of the pickup—which is based solely on volume—and, after careful analysis by Remoov’s in-house appraisers, a list of which items can be resold and at what price . Finally, after accepting the estimate, customers will receive a link via text or email where they can schedule a date and time frame for pickup.

Remoov’s expansion to Miami will also come with a third location of its signature showroom, which is purpose-built so consumers can both buy secondhand goods and make money off their own. With the original showroom in San Francisco and a second now taking over a large warehouse in Doral, the company is credited with having the largest collection of quality, pre-owned items for every taste, style and budget. From well-known brands to rare finds, every item there is carefully inspected and valued by Remoov’s team of appraisers and sold at a significant reduction from its original price. Shoppers can pick up their purchases locally or have them delivered throughout the US

“When it came time to grow Remoov and move into a new market, South Florida was the obvious choice,” said Perez. “I am so excited to bring our bespoke service to Miami residents and look forward to making our purpose-built, unique showroom an indelible part of the local community.”

Following its popularity in the Bay Area, Remoov’s showroom is poised to be a hotspot for designers, realtors, commercial and residential buildings and living communities in South Florida that are staging or decorating new spaces. It’s also a top destination for anyone passionate about sustainability and finding rare luxury goods at an affordable price.

Remoov’s Miami office and showroom is located 7457 NW 55th St, Miami, FL 33166, tel: 3053175121. Hours of operation for the Remoov showroom will be MF, 9 am-5 pm, starting on February 14, 2022.

For more information about Remoov’s services, visit www.removit.com or follow @remoovit on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Remoov

Remoov is a tech-based pickup service that sells, donates, and disposes of a home or office’s pre-owned or used goods. A product of the accelerator program at 500 Startups, the San Francisco-born service uses one-of-a-kind algorithms to determine an item’s value and sells them online or in its standalone showroom and marketplace. Remoov serves the San Francisco Bay, Phoenix, and Miami communities and plans for a national expansion by the end of 2022. For more information about Remoov, visit www.removit.com or follow @remoovit on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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