Reddit Customers Love These 7 Unsexy Magnificence Merchandise, From Nivea to Pond’s

Personally, I can’t stop scrolling on Reddit; as a fashion and beauty writer, my searches fall pretty much exclusively in that realm. As of late, all scrolls lead to mentions of “unsexy beauty products.” The trend that keeps popping up on TikTok’s FYP has definitely made the rounds on Reddit, too, and I’ve found myself needing every single product users are recommending. 

For the unfamiliar, unsexy products are the ones that may not have vanity-worthy packaging, or they’re holy grails we’d rather not discuss in public (ahem, foot files and tongue scrapers). But these unfrilly, unsexy beauty products are the ones that, time and again, shoppers turn to because they work. And, you know what? I personally think that makes these products super sexy.

Curious about which unsexy beauty products Reddit users can’t stop buying? So was I. I dug deep into threads to uncover these seven must-have products, starting at just $2:

Nivea Body Creme


If you’re still in the process of smoothing out your not-so-summer-ready skin (same), this rich Nivea moisturizer is just the ticket. The classic formula loved by 12,000 Amazon shoppers contains nourishing provitamin B5 to protect skin from roughness and dryness. Take it from one shopper who said their “dry and crepey legs” haven’t “looked better in a long time.” “I’m back to wearing shorts!” they added.

The dark blue tin may not be the prettiest to look at, but it’s what’s inside that counts, which is what prompted one Reddit user to say it’s “so boring, but so good.”

Differin Adapalene Treatment Gel


Clogged pores? Inflammation? Uneven texture? They’re a thing of the past, thanks to Differin’s Adapalene Treatment Gel. The water-based formula contains 0.1 percent adapalene, a super potent topical retinoid that helps speed cell turnover and prevent acne from forming. Plus, it’s free of alcohol, oil, and fragrance, and it’s non-comedogenic. Reddit users can’t stop raving about this unsexy beauty product —one said, “There are so many gorgeous bottles of lower strength retinoid serums but Differin is a powerhouse.” Another user said it “transformed” their skin and now it’s “super glowy.” Plus, it has no less than 57,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.

Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser and Moisturizer


I’ll admit I was beyond thrilled to see Pond’s make the list. I’ve been a fan of the creamy cleanser since my childhood days in musical theater, when it was the only saving grace that removed layers of pancake base from my face. This dermatologist-tested cleanser/moisturizer hybrid (it’s actually 50 percent moisturizer!) removes dirt, makeup, and even waterproof mascara while simultaneously providing skin with a burst of hydration, and feels luxuriously lush to boot. One Reddit user said it’s their “ride or die makeup remover” and it’s “worth its weight in gold.” To which I say, absolutely.

Frownies Facial Wrinkle Patches


Noticing forehead 11s but aren’t quite ready to try Botox? Frownies Facial Patches are the next-best thing. These paper patches are designed to temporarily smooth the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles, and can be worn for either a few hours before an event or overnight. They’re crafted in weighted, unbleached paper with a water-activated, starch-based adhesive, and they’re non-comedogenic. 

One Reddit user who said they sometimes “feel a little silly” wearing them also said, “If I want to look extra nice in the morning, I’ll slap them on my forehead and enjoy a day with no 11 lines.” There’s a reason they’re Amazon’s best-selling facial masks, with more than 50,000 shoppers buying them in the last month alone, per the retailer.

Colossal Pedicure Rasp Foot File


Yes, the “cheese grater” foot file made the cut. The affectionate name may be kind of gross, but hey—it is an unsexy beauty product, after all. This one sloughs off dead skin cells, calluses, and hardened cracks. It’s ergonomically designed with a long, easy-to-hold handle and a wavy stainless steel surface. (You can even rinse it and hang it to dry.) Foot rasps are a major staple of Reddit users’ routines, with one saying, “those things get the job DONE.” It doesn’t hurt that more than 26,000 Amazon shoppers love it, too.

Head & Shoulders Green Apple Shampoo 


As someone who’s suffered from bouts of dryness and dandruff, I always keep a bottle of Head & Shoulders shampoo in my shower (admittedly, it lives in the back of my caddy, where it’s less likely to be noticed by visitors). While it comes in many variations, this apple-scented formula is particularly loved; the pH-balancing product nourishes the scalp three surface layers deep to prevent dryness, flaking, and itching. “I had an itchy scalp all through childhood and my teens,” one Reddit user said. “When I was finally old enough to buy my own products, I tried Head & Shoulders…it’s all I buy now and I’m 33.”

The Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm


Fans of double cleansing will definitely want to add this cleansing balm from The Inkey List as the first step in their skincare routine. It melts away makeup and impurities without drying out skin, thanks to a hydrating blend of oat kernel oil and colloidal oatmeal. It can also be used as a shaving balm in the shower or a 10-minute nourishing face mask. Take it from this Reddit user, who said it’s “ugly to look at, but too good not to use.” Plus, a 58-year-old Amazon shopper called it the “best cleanser” they’ve used.

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