Richie Greenbergchairman of the Yes on Recall Chesa Boudin Committee explains:

Chesa Boudin has a dismal track record leading the District Attorney’s office; it’s a farce, with no improvement on the horizon. He’s had no previous experience of prosecuting crime, and it clearly shows. While crime continues its grip on san francisco hitting residents, businesses and tourists, Boudin books TV and radio interviews and personal appearances; he’s bought television and social media ads to counter the recall message with his mass disinformation campaign.”

“Boudin feebly attempts to refute allegations of misconduct, his lack of fitness for the job and his giving cover to drug dealers. He’s facing heavy criticism from his former colleagues. He fabricates and manipulates statistics, cites recent, trite accomplishments as if a major breakthrough As expected, he labels those critical of him “liars” and “racists”, smears and slanders the recall effort’s proponents and major donors San Francisco’s farthest left-wing organizations and public officials. The deep chasm between Chesa Boudin’s leadership and the vast majority of radical voters has been exposed.”

The recall of Chesa Boudin has been designated as “Proposition H” on this June 7th ballot. The committee’s website is RecallChesaBoudin.org

Press Contact: Richie Greenberg
Twitter: @richieSF2016
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: RecallChesaBoudin.org

SOURCE Stop the Injustice

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