Radiant Plumbing featured on John Oliver’s ‘Final Week Tonight’

A company with ties to San Antonio was featured on HBO on Sunday — and it has nothing to do with mushroom zombies…probably.

During Sunday’s episode of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” Oliver paid particular attention to the film parodies used to promote Radiant Plumbing, which is headquartered in Austin and has an office in Alamo City. This came as a shock to founder Brad Casebier, who found out about the national spotlight via text message on Sunday night.

“I started getting news about the show on Sunday night, and then I thought I’d better check this thing out,” Casebier said Monday. “So I checked it out this morning.”

Oliver promised the company free airtime if they parodied a film of his choice. However, Radiant would have to approve of the film without first seeing what it was.

“It could be anything, we made a few guesses,” Casebier said. “Fortunately we have a good team and can really parody anything.”

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Casebier added that the company “absolutely” accepts the offer and that after interviewing his creative team about a parody of “Last Week Tonight,” he walked into a meeting to send in their response.

One of the things Oliver drew attention to during Sunday’s segment was Radiant’s parody casting with their “Dune” parody – “Toilet Dune – with an actor who looked “more like Timothee Chalamet than Timothee Chalamet” and a Dog plumber in Radiant’s Star Wars parody that was a stand-in for Chewbacca.

“All the people in our ads work for us,” Casebier said. “We call for roles in our team and everyone pitches in.”

Casebier also noted that about 90 percent of the ideas for the parodies came from him because he had a “weird brain” and got stuck with the parody idea. But everyone, with their creative team, suggests ideas, and if they particularly like one, they’ll move on with it.

This process led Radiant to more than 1 million views on YouTube, with parodies such as “The Toiletnator”, “The Toilet Exorcist” and “Radiant, Unite”, an “Avengers” parody.

Casebier also noted that once Radiant receives the film, it will take “about a week” to complete the parody.

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