Rachel Zoe On Exude Lipstick & Her Magnificence & Hair Necessities

Rachel Zoe isn’t only dressing her little one in the finest Gucci and Missoni baby pieces there are to offer, she’s also busy getting her hands into the beauty world. I had the chance to catch up with her at the launch of Exude lipstick, and I fell in love with the innovative new line (and her shoes).

Zoe is the brand ambassador for Exude which will officially launch in October. The line features 9 creme and 5 lip gloss shades packaged in an applicator which is shaped like a lipstick, but actually lets you twist up the product each and every time you’re ready to apply. Besides for the amazing color palette and how moisturizing both products were, I was stunned by the fact that if you twist up too much product, the applicator lets you twist it back down. This not only saves product, but also gets rid of all of those melty lipsticks in your bag. Genius!

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Below Zoe chats about why she got involved in the project, her makeup and hair essentials, and her must have accessory.

Can you tell me how you got involved with the launch?
Diane and Lawrence here are the creators of the actual technology, the dispenser and everything. I’m completely lipstick obsessed, I have been since I was a kid, and it was something that was new and exciting to me. They presented the product to me. I said, you know, I’m fascinated by the technology and the applicator and all that, but I need to wear the product. I need to road test it and see if I love it. And I was obsessed with it in five minutes. It feels incredible, I wear it everyday. Its really like nothing else I have. And anyone I’ve introduced it to is obsessed with it. So I feel like it was the perfect thing. Then I got really involved in the packaging and keeping it very simple and very clean, because the fact that it’s clear and always keeps its shape I think is so chic. You know because lipstick can get very unattractive. I’ve literally had more melted lipsticks in my bag, it’s not cute at all.

What color are you wearing right now?
Cranberry, it’s my go-to.



And why do you think applying lipstick from a tube is so appealing, so sexy?
I think the thing about lipstick, like I said, it doesn’t keep its shape, its very, very messy and depending on what your lip shape is and how you apply it, you get this very defined shape which is not so cute. And so I think the fact that this always looks perfect is very appealing to me. You don’t have to work at it. You just role it up and role it down, none of it gets wasted. It’s a good investment too, you get a lot of product out of it which is very nice. It doesn’t dry out which I think is the most appealing part of it because I live in LA and its like a desert. And dry lips. Dry lips are my biggest pet peeve.

What beauty products do you always like to carry with you in your bag?
It varies. I really love NARS, I really love CHANEL. I always have a great black liner, I always have a mascara. I love the NARS Orgasm blush, it’s just amazing. It goes on. Egyptian magic. I always have moisturizer — I use a lot of Burt’s Bees. With my son and everything I’m always wearing everything natural. Nothing chemical, so I’m about that.

What about hair?
I’m a product junkie, so you know when it comes to hair lately I’ve been really using this product called Coco de Soleil. Its really, really good. It’s all natural ingredients, all organic. Again my son keeps putting my hair in his mouth and everything so I haven’t been using anything with chemicals or parabens or sulfates or anything. I’m very different now. I have to be, you know, it’s about him.

A bold lip color, at least for beauty girls, is how they dress up for their night out. What do you do, what’s your favorite accessory to put on or must have bag to get yourself dressed up?
Heels, heels. If you’re going out at night you got to be rocking heels. Unless you’re naturally gifted with very good height, just you know wear whatever you can tolerate, you know what I mean? I mean… (lifts up foot).

And #Idie…

Exude will be available exclusively on

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