Prostitution Crackdown in San Francisco – NBC Bay Space

San Francisco police are cracking down on prostitution in the city’s Mission District.

Police confirmed Friday they had issued seven subpoenas as part of an undercover investigation that took place Wednesday night.

Roadblocks in the area were erected on Capp Street between 18th and 22nd Streets last week.

In addition, police said they had issued 30 traffic violations since last Friday. However, many argue that these are short-term answers.

In a city resolution unveiled this week, San Francisco regulator Hillary Ronen called on state legislatures to introduce legislation to decriminalize and eventually legalize sex work.

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Statement on legalizing sex work: “None of these strategies address the underlying issues and the reality that sex work takes place in San Francisco and around the world. It is time to acknowledge this and move towards decriminalization and eventually legalization.” 1/3

— Hillary Ronen (@HillaryRonen) February 15, 2023

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