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Professor Aron Walsh named within the 2020 Extremely Cited Researcher Listing | Imperial Information

Professor Aron Walsh was named to Web of Science’s 2020 list of Frequently Cited Researchers.

The 2020 List of Frequently Cited Researchers identifies influential researchers from around the world who have been most cited by their peers over the past decade. Selected researchers have authored several frequently cited articles and found to be among the top 1% by subject and year citations on the Web of Science.

These researchers represent the top 1% of their fields of expertise, meaning that researchers and social scientists highly cited by the world’s population are 1 in 1,000.

Professor Aron Walsh said, “When you present your new research to the world, it is difficult to know who is watching. While we always have to take citation metrics with a pinch of salt, it’s comforting to know that my work is widely read. I made the list thanks to the efforts of my research group and my staff. “

Imperial is a signatory to the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment, which a Commitment not to consider journal-based metrics in evaluating the research performance of employees or candidates for recruitment.

Current research

A picture of the cover of Chemical Science magazine
Chemical Science, Vol. 11, No. 43

Professor Walsh’s group deals with the theory and simulation of energy materials such as solar cells, fuels and batteries. That year, his group developed a new technique or predicted the upper limit for the efficiency of converting solar energy into crystalline materials published in Energy and Environmental Science. The approach enables the rapid selection of next generation solar energy materials without expensive or toxic elements suitable for terawatt scale application.

His most recent discovery in collaboration with NIMS in Japan is a novel organic crystal, which is built up from a radical tetrathiafulvalene derivative and which leads to exceptional electrical conductivity. The publication was featured on the cover of Chemical Science.

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Kayleigh Brewer

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