Police Say Iowa Metropolis Man Shot Landlord Who Got here to Repair Plumbing A 24-year-old Iowa City man was arrested and charged with shooting his landlord multiple times.

According to a criminal complaint, the landlord of a property on the 400 block of East Fairchild Street in Iowa City arrived Tuesday morning the 21st. The landlord had already made arrangements to work by then.

After doing some work on the main floor of the building, the landlord went upstairs and knocked on a bedroom door for access to additional plumbing. Shots rang out as he knocked on the bedroom door. Authorities say Carter Wolf, who was in another bedroom in the house, shot at the door through the door of the bedroom he was in.

The criminal complaint states that Carter “shot the victim through his bedroom door at least 6 or 7 times … The suspect admits never seeing the victim because his bedroom door was closed. The suspect admits through his closed one.” Door in the direction of “the victim”.

The landlord was hit several times and had to be operated on immediately and was hospitalized after the incident. The name of the landlord and the current condition were not disclosed.

Wolf was admitted to the Johnson County Jail in Iowa City on Monday evening, January 3rd. Wolf remains in the Johnson County Jail on a $ 25,000 cash loan.

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