Plunjr Gives Free Plumbing Assist Through Their Video Service App

SAN FRANCISCO, September 8, 2020 / PRNewswire / – PLUNJR, a technology company aiming to show homeowners that they are handier than they think through its live video-based smartphone app, is offering FREE instant calls to users on its post-COVID-19 pandemic platform to install.

Plunjr recently released the latest version of its video plumbing service app, which allows users to simply click an “Emergency” button and get FREE step-by-step live video advice from a certified plumber to help them Fix plumbing problem. For a limited time, there are no plumbing costs and the service is available around the clock. The latest version of the app is currently available for iOS and will be released for Android shortly.

“The whole purpose of the Plunjr app is to show people that most of the time when they have an installation problem they don’t have to hire a plumber and can fix it themselves. Our certified technicians are fantastic guides, people step by step Since the COVID-19 pandemic is still a very real part of everyday life, we thought there was no better way to meddle and help than by posting an app update that way, users will get FREE immediately Help with a single click of a button, “ commented Aaron Gianni, Co-founder of Plunjr.

Plunjr is available for download on both the iOS and Android platforms.


Plunjr is a video service application that changes plumbing repair and saves you money. If you have a problem with your installation, schedule a call at any time of the day through the Plunjr app. We invite you to a video call while you are comfortable on your website. A helpful plunjr plumber will walk you through the steps to fix your problem in real time. They can also help you order parts for your project and ship them to your address, or you can pick them up at a local sales location. Our team will guide you through your project. If you get stuck, we’ll send an on-site plumber to your home to make sure the job is done.

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