Plumbing buyer left excessive and dry chases down refund

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma daughter named KFOR is trying to get a refund for her parents after a plumber allegedly abandoned her.

Paula Mason’s plumbing problem lasted far too long.

We met her for the first time in early August. She explained to our team a few months earlier that her parents’ house needs to be repaired immediately.

“We just thought it was a blockage,” said Paula. “I found out it was a broken line, a broken line.”

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The Freemasons as they speak to KFOR.

She hired a man named Steve Maxson and paid $ 3,100. Paula says work stalled shortly afterwards.

She would eventually hire another plumber. However, Maxson’s promises of a refund were unsuccessful.

“He kept saying he had to get it from the seller,” said Paula. “Had to go to his salespeople and get the money back.”

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In our attempts to reach Steve, we reached his father Stephen Maxson Sr.

Stephen Sr. is a plumber himself and has his own business in eastern Oklahoma.

He told our team that he was unaware of Paula’s situation and that his son was not properly licensed.

News 4 eventually reached Steve Jr., who announced to our team that he would issue a refund.

“Yes, I’ll set that up for you,” he told our team on the phone.

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However, this was already the case in August. Paula told KFOR that she hadn’t heard from the Maxsons in a while.

That is, until this last weekend. Paula announced to our team that she received a full refund in the mail.

While In Your Corner was happy to help tie the two sides together, that success really rests with Paula!

She tells our team that she has contacted government agencies and obtained information about the insurance provider from Stephen Sr.’s company.

Paula’s update shows persistence. When faced with such a crisis with a contractor, In Your Corner urges consumers to try all available options.


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