Pleasure Weekend bringing in enterprise increase as 1 million folks collect in SF

Pride weekend is underway with the city gearing up for crowds and events. Businesses in the city are expecting a boost. 

It’s one of the biggest events of the year in San Francisco, with over one million people expected to come to the city.

Businesses like Ginger’s are poised to reap the benefits. 

“The numbers are huge, and we’re just getting ready for high volume which is fantastic,” said General Manager of Ginger’s Dana Marinelli.

Ginger’s stands as the only gay bar in the Financial District.

“Ginger’s has actually been dormant since the pandemic,” said Marinelli.

However, it’s reopening for Pride Friday night. With events all weekend long, Marinelli is hoping this weekend revitalizes downtown.


San Francisco police announce full deployment for many weekend events

A million people are expected in the city this weekend. In addition to SF Pride, several other events are happening that are likely to keep first responders busy. In front of the Harvey Milk Plaza at Market Street and Castro, city leaders, including the chief of police, came out to discuss safety for this weekend’s events. 

“A lot of other queer spaces have been reopening in the city, downtown San Francisco has really been coming back to life,” she said.

On Saturday, the Civic Center will be filled with vendors and performances.

On Sunday, the Pride parade takes over Market Street. 

Performers are already gearing up for the crowds.

Cheer SF has been performing at Pride for years, and they’re ready to return alongside cheerleaders from San Diego and Sacramento.

“It’s been a rough year for a lot of people, so I think it means a lot to celebrate the rich diversity of San Francisco, and all of its residents, whatever color, creed, sexual orientation, age, race you are, we welcome you here in San Francisco,” said Alice Jensen with Cheer SF. 

The events will close roads. Some streets closed as early as Tuesday, but most streets will start closing Friday night.

Also, several Muni lines will not stop or reroute before Market Street during Sunday’s parade. 

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