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Parts World Companies’ Enlargement Continues With Opening of San Francisco Workplace to Assist Booming Expertise Trade

SAN FRANCISCO, July 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Elements Global Services, a technology company working to break the barriers to global expansion, today announced the opening of its regional office on the west coast in. known San Francisco, Californiato meet the growing demand for international expansion among tech companies and startups as hybrid and fully dismissed workforces continue to accelerate.

Elements offers global employment solutions in over 135 countries with 18 regional offices worldwide. The San Francisco The office is located at 235 Pine Street in the downtown financial district, an international business hub and home to many of North America most innovative technology companies and start-ups.

“Elements’ new San Francisco office provides a key HR tech partner and resource on the West Coast for companies that want to deploy a more dispersed workforce and expand globally, “said Rick Hammell, CEO and Founder of Elements Global Services. “Our technology simplifies global expansion by overcoming barriers to growth. Regardless of whether it is about overcoming the complexities of rapid staff growth or navigating local compliance worldwide, our ApprovPay and Expandopedia platforms complement our in-house legal, tax and employment advice to help your business move forward in more than 135 countries. ”

Technology and COVID-19 collided to create a new workforce model that would allow companies to expand their network without a typical office location. This has enabled companies to adopt remote or hybrid models and grow their business, which has led to more responsibility, value and demand for HR technology. Elements combines its cloud-based technology with its Direct Employer of Record (EOR) to eliminate the need for multiple providers and deliver a single, platform-based solution.

Elements global HR network knows what it takes to meet business goals while maintaining global compliance and attracting and retaining new top talent. Customers use Enterprise HR technology from Elements, ApprovPay and Expandopedia to simplify their global expansion and HR processes, gain access to new talent and reduce their time to market.

ApprovPay offers an integrated and mature platform fully equipped with the global payroll information and human capital management required throughout the employee lifecycle. Expandopedia streamlines global expansion processes by consolidating the information, tools and documents you need on a single platform.

Elements has a dedicated HR team of 50+ nationalities that can support over 135 countries. As a result, Elements is the only direct EOR provider that can fully engage employees, comply with country-specific laws and regulations, manage global mobility and visas, and pay globally through a single platform.

Elements also offers personalized solutions based on customer needs, including Administrative Services Outsourcing (ASO), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and international consulting solutions to support international payroll and HR compliance. Elements’ OSA provides complete transparency to ensure companies fully understand country-specific laws and regulations such as local taxes, statutory insurance, and minimum wage reforms. Companies seek Elements’ BPO solutions for their superior human capital management strategies and resources, ranging from employee manuals and agreements to leading global administrative tasks that enable them to perform international HR operations.

Elements is the leading provider of direct EOR technology and solutions to industries such as technology and startups, life sciences, nonprofits, government services, education, oil, gas and energy, and financial services.

“Our expansion on the west coast is an investment in our commitment to deliver a single HR technology solution to our customer partners,” said Hammell. “Companies using a single HR tech service provider can achieve measurable results by accelerating time to market and improving efficiency in management and hiring processes.”

Earlier this year, Elements Global Services announced the relocation of the headquarters of Barcelona, ​​Spain to Chicago, Illinois. With the opening of the San Francisco Elements has a physical presence across the West Coast, Midwest and East Coast. Further branches will be opened shortly.

About Elements Global Services
Elements Global Services is a global technology company focused on software that transcends national borders and simplifies a company’s ability to grow its business, engage employees, manage compliance, and pay globally. Headquarters in Chicago, Elements provides 100% direct Employer of Record services to clients in over 135 countries based on proprietary HR technology that simplifies everything from payroll, benefits and human capital management to HR outsourcing, local compliance and Visa & Mobility .

Visit www.elementsgs.com or connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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