Pac-12 to Transfer From Its San Francisco Manufacturing Amenities

SAN FRANCISCO—In a notable move towards remote work and production, the Pac-12 Conference announced new flexible and remote work policies that will entail moving out of its current headquarters and production facility in San Francisco when its lease ends in June, 2023.

Pac-12 had been a pioneer in remote production at its current facility, which was a pioneer in IP infrastructures that allowed the Pac-12 Network to produce many of its games remotely.

The conference has not as yet released details about where its production facilities will be located after the move but said it will “forego permanent headquarters to best support employees and deliver savings to member universities” and that the “production facility location” is “to be determined for continued broadcast production activities.”

The current office is located in expensive real estate in San Francisco, with a lease that costs around $8.35 million a year, NewscastStudio has reported.

The move would enable both a “flexible and remote work environment to best support Pac-12 staff” and reduce expenses to “deliver more revenue back to member universities to support student-athletes,” the conference said.

The conference explained that new remote work policies were designed to “provide Pac-12 staff with the benefits of work flexibility while also envisioning regular opportunities for employees to come together in person within the Pac-12 geographic footprint, including at Pac-12 campuses to foster greater collaboration with member universities.”

“In addition to the remote work environment, the Pac-12 will continue to support and invest in its state-of-the-art broadcast and content production, including relocating to a new production facility after the end of the Conference’s current lease in June 2023,” the conference announced. “The location for the new production facility has not yet been determined.”

“The Pac-12 is committed to best supporting our employees by providing a work environment that accommodates today’s modern world and gives our employees maximum flexibility to live and work where they want, while still fostering collaboration among staff and our valued member institutions,” said Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff. “We are also committed to ongoing best-in-class production of Pac-12 events. We are excited for what this new remote and flexible work environment can do to support our employees, and for the new ways it will allow for us to reinvest in our member universities so that they can best support student-athletes.”

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