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Overcharged Oakland Recycling Prospects to Obtain Settlement – CBS San Francisco


http://qlaims.com/privacy-policy/ OAKLAND (CBS SF) – Prosecutors said a lawsuit was being settled over the cost of bringing recycling bins to the curb of apartment buildings in Oakland.

Oakland City Council members agreed to a settlement Tuesday afternoon following a lawsuit against California Waste Solutions. City attorneys have secured approximately $ 6 million that will be returned to Oaklanders.

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Residents will also start paying lower prices for services.

“Unjust and unfair dealings are unacceptable and will not exist!” City Prosecutor Barbara Parker announced on Wednesday.

Nearly five years ago, Oakland filed a lawsuit against California Waste Solutions over the company’s recycling deal with the city.

The push / pull fee set by the company was far higher than the fee for the same service for single-family homes. Oakland attempted to negotiate the fee with the company before filing a lawsuit, city lawyers said.

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During a legal battle, city officials learned that the company had overcharged its customers about $ 6 million in total.

Oakland customers who have overcharged will be notified that they are eligible for a refund and how to get the refund in the coming months.

The settlement also requires California Waste Solutions to lower its tariffs to make them comparable to competitors and other cities’ fees for services.

In the future, CWS will set its tariffs according to a cost plus procedure. Then its profits are a function of its costs, according to prosecutors.

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“After years of unnecessary disputes over the election-only tariff, CWS is pleased that this matter can finally be resolved and looks forward to continuing to work with the city to provide basic services to Oakland residents,” said CWS spokesman Johnny Duong.

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