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Mixt Seems to Be Coming to Santa Monica

A new location of a health-conscious fast-casual salad chain mixture is opening a 2,800-square-foot store at 401 Santa Monica Boulevard in Santa Monica, according to property leasing documents.

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Cancellation possible at any time

The Santa Monica store will be Mixt's third location in Los Angeles, with others in Silver Lake and Miracle Mile. Since opening in downtown San Francisco in 2005, the chain has opened a total of 16 locations, most of them spread across several California cities and one each in Dallas and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Owned by a married couple David And Leslie Silverglide — who has an impressive background in environmental science and engineering — Mixt offers customers a selection of signature salads or lets them build their own from a wealth of fresh ingredients. The couple came up with the idea while bemoaning the lack of healthy fast-food options on a trip back to San Francisco from Lake Tahoe, Mixt's website says.

What now? Los Angeles has contacted Leslie Silverglide for comment.

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