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OAKLAND (BCN) – Oakland City Council leaders posted a letter to the Major League Baseball Friday chief that they were ready to work with the A’s baseball team to prevent them from leaving town.

Oakland recently lost both its National Football League franchise, the Oakland Raider’s, to Las Vegas and the Golden State Warriors to San Francisco.

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The letter comes just days after MLB told the Oakland A’s to look for another city to play while chasing an Oakland water park.

“The Oakland City Council is committed to negotiating in good faith about a strong future for the A’s in Oakland, and we invite the A and MLB to do the same by agreeing not to move while the A Completing the stadium in Charles P Howard Terminal) project process, ”the letter begins.

But Las Vegas officials announced on Twitter through Mayor Carolyn Goodman on Wednesday that they have been speaking to the A’s since 2019 and are excited.

City council chairmen said it was wrong “for the city council to delay or reject the A’s proposal,” at the Howard Terminal.

Rather, many, such as B. City officials, worked to bring the proposal to the council for possible approval.

But the A’s have been working on the project for almost five years, A’s President Dave Kaval said in February. Opposition to the Howard Terminal and in favor of a new stadium at the current location of the Oakland Coliseum has also increased.

The city council’s letter states that without adequate support, MLB has concluded that the Colosseum’s location is not viable. City council chairs in the letter asked about the materials MLB had examined to reach that conclusion.

The Council’s letter will be signed by Council Chairman Nikki Fortunato Bas, Vice Mayor and Councilor Rebecca Kaplan, and Councilor Carroll Fife, who represents Downtown and West Oakland.

The Howard Terminal is located near downtown and West Oakland.

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City council chairmen are ready to meet with MLB officials and the owners of the A, the letter says, “to move forward thoughtfully.”

The Presidents of the Council said the A leadership recently changed their demands.

“Instead of sending fully completed terms and conditions for review,” the A’s asked the Council to vote on summarizing terms and conditions.

“Council leadership agreed to look into this request and met with A staff and other stakeholders to see how best to move forward,” the letter said.

Council Chairs were in the process of planning a contract vote ahead of their summer break when MLB told the A’s to find a new home while they operate a waterfront ballpark in Oakland.

“This relocation announcement came without giving the council an opportunity to receive and vote on a proposal, and did not even wait for the time required for the vote,” the letter said.

“Since the request to vote was made by August, why should you give permission to investigate the move before the date of the requested vote if the request would have been sincere?” the letter said.

The council presidents asked the MLB to confirm their intentions.

“Can you definitely confirm that if the Council did such a vote on a term sheet on the A’s, you would prohibit any action to seek or continue moving during these next steps?”

Kaplan employees confirmed late Friday afternoon that a vote on the terms of the contract is planned before the break in August.

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