Maya Kay’s oil or Anne Zivie’s clay? Influencers’ magnificence merchandise evaluation

Who: Neta Alchimister, model and hot mom.

What’s in the collection: A variety of self-tanning products and makeup for face and body.

Our favorite: A solid highlighter in a classic champagne shade, just released in the brand’s latest launch. It has everything we look for in a highlighter – a delicate sparkle that suits all skin tones, a soft powdery texture that can be applied with a brush or finger, and reasonable durability that we will check again in July-August.

byNeta, Highlighter – NIS 89. Available on the brand’s website and online at Super-Pharm.

(credit: courtesy of the brand)

Who: Noa Kirel, dream pop star with an ever-giving brand.

What’s in the collection: What not. Perfumes, a makeup line, hair care products, hair styling tools, and even sunglasses. Our favorite: Brow mascara. A clear formula in a measured amount that doesn’t harden the hair, organizes well-groomed brows for a long time thanks to an excellent dense brush, and most importantly – is free of residue or crumbs.

Noa Kirel, SHOWTIME- DRUM CLEAR MASCARA – NIS 49. Available at Super-Pharm.

(credit: PR)

Who: Anna Zak, multi-talent.

What’s in the collection: A collaboration with the accessible brand SACARA, bringing a line of makeup products, makeup brushes, and hair care products. Our favorite: A nourishing hair mask at a small price, thick and buttery, and lasts forever. Apply a small amount from mid-lengths down to the ends, wait two minutes, and get very soft, easy-to-comb hair with a clean and gentle scent. More suitable for curly and thick hair, handling well with dreadlocks, but slightly heavy for fine and delicate hair.

Anna Zak and SACARA, Salt-Free Nourishing Mask – NIS 35 for 200 ml. Available at SACARA branches and online.

(credit: Shai Arbel)

Who: Anne Zivie, The Amazing Race graduate and social media personality.

What’s in the collection: A line of makeup, self-tanning, and hair care products, including accessories from Annzi – the beauty’s hair care brand. Our favorite: The hair clay provides the desired result, but it must be used correctly. If you want to maximize results – it is recommended to follow Zivie’s instructional videos on Instagram, step by step, and you are there. The hair clayzi has a matte finish and offers maximum hold, and the container lasts for a very long time. It is recommended to use with the dense brush and finish with the fine comb, and don’t forget the most important tip given to you now – don’t go wild with the material! Work in layers until you achieve the desired look. Bonus for the satisfied: The stick-to-go contains the same formula, which you can throw in your bag and during the day give an additional touch-up to the front strands or sideburns.

Annzi, Hair Clayzi Set including Brush and Comb – NIS 129. Available on the brand’s website.

(credit: PR)

Who: Maya Kay, Survivor participant, future dancer (in “Dancing with the Stars”), Instagram personality, and for the past two years, the face of the veteran local brand Careline – her partners in product development.

What’s in the collection: A relatively limited range of options, currently including lip care oil, a shimmer palette, and a facial moisturizing mist. Our favorite: Lip care oil. It’s unclear what the deal is with this product, but apparently, every influencer is required by law to launch it as part of their series. The three shades released by Kay+Careline are translucent, moisturizing, not too sticky, and rich in oils – they give a gentle and healthy hue and fade quickly.

Maya Kay and Careline, Lip Oil – NIS 70. Available at Super-Pharm and Careline’s website.

(credit: lee agmon)

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