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Love Triangle Is Motive In San Mateo Homicide-Suicide; 2 Lifeless – CBS San Francisco

SAN MATEO (CBS SF) – A person was shot dead over what appeared to be a love triangle in San Mateo on Monday, resulting in hours of confrontation with the suspect until he was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, police said.

San Mateo police said officers responding at 7:20 a.m. to a shooting at a nursing home on the 1700 block of Pierce Street found a 42-year-old man who was shot multiple times. The suspect was identified as a 48-year-old man who worked on the victim and police said the motive appeared to be a relationship they both shared with a woman.

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Police identified the suspect and his location in his own home, a mile away, on the 1600 block of Marina Court within minutes of the shooting.

The officers immediately started negotiations with him with the help of a SWAT team and a crisis negotiation team. The negotiators learned that the suspect’s wife was in the house voluntarily and also worked to convince her husband to surrender peacefully.

After more than four hours of negotiations, the officers heard the sound of a gunshot at 12:12 pm while talking to the murder suspect on the phone. After the suspect’s wife left the house unharmed, a robot was sent to the suspect’s room, where he was found dead.

Police said the suspect and victim would be identified by the coroner’s office.

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A police spokesman said the murder was apparently unrelated to an October 30 shooting that killed a man and injured a young child, or the rash of gunfire that resulted from it.

Investigators urged anyone with information or security material related to the case to contact Detective Sergeant Lee Violett at (650) 522-7662 or lviolett@cityofsanmateo.org. Anonymous tips can be sent to http://tinyurl.com/SMPDTips or by calling (650) 522-7676.

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