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You may claim to buy all your beauty products at niche stores like The Detox Market, Violet Grey, or even Larchmont Beauty, but we’ve all fallen victim to grabbing a bottle of shampoo or body wash at the local grocery store when we’ve run out and surpassed the power of dry shampoo. Reaching the desperation of becoming a mixologist in the shower (filling the bottle with water to try to salvage any of the remaining product, which always ends up just being watered-down bubbles) is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Yet, grocery store beauty shopping shouldn’t be thought of as a last resort, especially if you’re in LA, where grocery stores double as wellness centers and beauty hubs. We’ve outlined five grocery stores that are must-visits solely for their beauty aisles and the personality that each embodies in its atmosphere.


7760 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90036

Who You Are: You love a trend, social media is your touchstone, and you know you could buy the same beauty products at a high-end beauty store, but you choose to go to Erewhon. You’re not just running an errand; you’re mingling with fellow aspiring influencers and actors, all armed with limitless credit cards.

With Erewhon’s curated selection, it’s tempting to start anew and overhaul your entire beauty arsenal with their top-tier offerings. From coveted brands like Dr. Barbara Sturm, Moon Juice, and Maude, to Erewhon’s own handcrafted sanitizers and luxurious face oils, the possibilities—and price tags—are endless.

When speaking to a friend who was there to grab a new moisturizer, (and inevitably the latest $20 celebrity smoothie) she explained that she swears by Erewhon for beauty, insisting, “If Erewhon gives the nod to Kinship’s Super Mello Hyaluronic Gel Cream Moisturizer, it’s definitely good enough for me!”

With the constant influx of hot girls (and guys) flowing in and out of the Erewhon doors (not to mention the incredible branding), it’s easy to become influenced by what Erewhon has to offer. It’s not that their products aren’t great—quite the contrary—but like a trip to Sephora, your budget can quickly vanish as you cosplay as an influencer, ready to curate your next beauty haul or product review on TikTok.

Sprouts Farmers Market

915 N. La Brea. Los Angeles, CA. 90046

Who You Are: You have appointed yourself as the unpaid spokesperson for the brands you love and you’re extremely loyal to them. You’ve dabbled in every fad diet after watching Netflix documentaries that expose the animal food markets. You’ve also experimented with natural deodorant; needless to say, you’ve been getting a few complaints from your nearest and dearest.

Sprouts caters to the conscientious consumer, eschewing flashy trends for a focus on natural, honest products. Though not extensive, their beauty aisle is a curated selection that reflects their commitment to ingredient transparency and ethical manufacturing. Stepping into Sprouts, you’re enveloped in a sense of community. A sales associate immediately asked if I needed anything, ready to help with any of my cosmetic concerns. During a conversation about Sprouts’ rigorous product standards, a nearby customer greeted Margaret, the sales associate, praising a shampoo she had recommended previously.


12142 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA. 91604

Who You Are: You are environmentally friendly and research everything that you put on your body. You don’t understand the appeal of single-use plastic and find joy in the generational curse of reusing old cookie tins for your sewing kit. You gravitate towards the minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic, with everything labeled and arranged in a non-overwhelming way.

Re_Grocer heralds a revolutionary approach to grocery and beauty shopping, embodying the future of sustainable consumption. Every product at Re_Grocer is crafted in-house, with a steadfast commitment to eliminating single-use packaging. Here, you can handpick your items and package them yourself, opting for eco-friendly alternatives like cloth bags or glass jars tailored to each product’s consistency. This not only reduces waste but also empowers you to control the quantity you purchase, allowing for trial runs before making a full commitment.

During my visit, I watched a customer refill a glass bottle they had brought from home with a coveted hand soap from Re_Grocer’s collection (the Build-A-Bear experience of skincare). Why waste your money on that new face mask promising eternal youth when you can sample it here in smaller batches. While some may jest about this generation’s supposed commitment issues, the undeniable allure of prioritizing refills over disposables speaks volumes.


1631 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Who You Are: You volunteer at your local animal shelter every Sunday morning and use your Instagram to share the dogs (and cats) looking for their ‘furever home.’ While many are drawn to the allure of Erewhon and Whole Foods, you prefer a more underrated experience while shopping for your locally sourced produce. However, if you see a fellow shopper who forgot their reusable bag at checkout, you’re not one to stay silent and will run to the parking lot to grab one of the many shoved in your trunk–this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Lassens is as authentic as it gets. From organic cotton rounds to ayurvedic soap, there are endless options for familiar brands and niche ones you’ve never seen before. Personally, the Booda Organics Booda Butter Lip Balm really piqued my interest, and I can’t say that the smiling buddha packaging didn’t play a significant role in that purchase. It’s clear that there is meticulous thought and research behind each product and brand, with a commitment to low-processing and 100% organic ingredients.

A Lassens regular described it best: “as if Erewhon and Whole Foods had a highly brand-conscious baby.” She added that due to the store’s family-owned and operated nature, the customer service is very hands-on, and nothing ever seems to be out of stock.

Bristol Farms

3105 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90403

Who You Are: You love the idea of a high-end grocery store but have never understood the appeal of flavorless, gluten-free, non-GMO, ethically sourced tortilla chips that taste like cardboard and claim to end world hunger. What you would really like to do is buy your Tostitos at Ralph’s or Gelsons, but then you wouldn’t be able to romanticize the whole grocery shopping experience. Fake it ‘til you make it is a fundamental component of your personal brand ethos, and you may or may not be listening to a motivational podcast as you wander through the aisles.

While the beauty aisle at Bristol Farms may not be as vast as its counterparts, everything you need is there–and the quality is reliable. I happen to be a Bristol Farms shopper (not sure what that says about me and my seemingly artificial facade), and always love the bodycare items I bring home. I tend to gravitate towards moisturizers and body wash likely due to not yet finding brands in those categories that I am loyal to.

Most brands on the shelves are easily recognizable; Burt’s Bees, Heritage Store, Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap, and even Old Spice. This helps make the process a bit less daunting and time-consuming–you just grab what you need and go.

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