Lewisville Launches Free HVAC Restore Program for Low-Earnings Householders

Residents of Lewisville with a limited income can breathe a little easier, thanks to a new housing initiative aiming to fix those pesky HVAC problems at no personal cost. The recently announced Minor Housing Rehab Program, backed by the Community Development Block Grant, promises to help eligible homeowners with vital repairs or replacements to their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units.

According to the City of Lewisville, Texas, the program is strictly for low-to-moderate-income dwellers who could use a hand in ensuring their homes remain comfortable and safe, all year round. To qualify, residents must have owned their home for at least two years, use it as their primary residence, be up to date on mortgage and insurance, make under $57,500 a year as a single homeowner, and hold less than $20,000 in liquid assets. Each additional household member increases the income eligibility by $8,250.

Applications are currently being accepted, but service will be provided by only one HVAC contractor selected and vetted by the City. The deal is straightforward: once approved, all funds for the necessary work will be disbursed directly from the City of Lewisville to the contractor, meaning residents won’t see a single bill.

Moreover, City staff is reaching out to assist applicants in Hakha Chin, Spanish, and English during set sessions at the Lewisville Public Library, ensuring no language barriers hamper participation in the program. Tuesday, March 5 saw the first of these sessions, with two more opportunities for face-to-face help on Wednesday, and Thursday – where Spanish assistance will also be available.

Those in need of this vital support have been directed to the city’s official website for more information, guidelines, and online applications. It’s a solid move by city officials who recognize that maintaining a home goes beyond aesthetics, it’s about preserving the health and well-being of community members. Every resident deserves warmth in the winter and relief from the heat in the summer, and through the Minor Housing Rehab Program, Lewisville is making sure its citizens have just that.

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