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Lao Ting Welcomes Chinese language Immigrants to America, however Hazard Looms in San Francisco

“Your new employer, Lao Ting, welcomes you to America!” says the charismatic Wang Chao to a group of Chinese immigrants arriving in 1878 San Francisco. But if first impressions were anything to judge by, the Land of Opportunity doesn’t seem very welcoming at all.

Ah Sahm has little interest staying in America longer than he needs to. He’s only arrived in order to find his sister, Xiaojing, and bring her back home to China. He brings good news—her abusive husband is finally dead.

But just moments after stepping off the boat, Ah Sahm gets into a fight with three angry Irishmen picking on another Chinese immigrant—and Ah Sahm easily beats them, gaining the attention of Wang Chao, a powerful black-market businessman. Chao takes him to be sold to the Hop Wei tong, a Chinese gang that’s hoping to reclaim control of the opium trade from a rival tong, the Long Zii.

According to a report by, it’s not long before Ah Sahm confronts the Long Zii while on his search for his sister. And he finds her there—her name voluntarily changed to Mai Ling. But Mai Ling’s not being held captive—she’s a willing member of the Long Zii, and she’s got a secret plan to take the whole tong over.

Realizing his sister has no plans of leaving, Ah Sahm asks Chao to get him a boat back to China, but Chao just shakes his head. Because like it or not, Ah Sahm is part of the Hop Wei tong now, and he’s never allowed to leave.

But let’s expand our scope a bit because San Francisco isn’t struggling with crime just because the Chinese tongs have turf wars with each other. No, the whole city is filled with crime and debauchery. After all, the turf wars are being partially orchestrated by Deputy Mayor Walter Buckley, and gangs of Irishmen are starting to turn their distaste of the Chinese violent.

It’s bad news for Mayor Samuel Blake, since re-election is coming up, and no one wants to vote for the guy whose term saw crime get worse. He’s trying to appease influential Irishmen to get their votes, but they’ll never really be happy so long as they have to work alongside the growing influx of Chinese (and the feeling’s mutual among the Chinese).

The best Samuel can do is commission the police to start patrolling Chinatown, where crime is most rampant. To that end, he’s initiated a Chinatown squad, led by Sergeant Bill O’Hara, a man with a gambling problem who was just asking to be taken out of the district.

But even with a police presence in Chinatown, there’s not much change to be had. Compared to the Chinese tongs and Irish gangs, they have little power, something that new recruit Richard Lee has trouble accepting. And despite the fact that Richard ranks among the most racially tolerant in San Francisco, his own colleagues have trouble accepting him because his family fought on the Confederate side of the Civil War.

Come Season Three of Warrior, and San Francisco is no saintlier than it was two seasons prior. In fact, it’s gotten a lot worse.

Ah Sahm and Mai Ling have climbed the respective ranks of their tongs, with Mai Ling the de facto leader of the Long Zii. And since they’ve joined the brawl, lots of people have met their demise in a variety of gruesome and gory ways.

And that’s where we must extend an extreme word of caution for prospective viewers of Warrior. When Warrior deals with an issue, it jumps in the deep end. That means that the violence is bloody, the sex is explicit, and the language is frequent.

Allow me to explain what that means: when gangs go to war, we’ll see heads decapitated and entrails spilled. Most disturbingly, we’ll see a group of female sex slaves being raped in the seventh episode of Season Two. When people get naked, we’ll see full-frontal nudity (with the exception of male genitalia), and we’ll sit through many sex scenes, both hetero- and homosexual. And as for the language, if you can think it, someone’s probably said it.

Despite an admittedly engaging plot and interesting characters, Warrior ultimately remains a battlefield for viewers who understand how such content can harm our hearts.

Worried about Mai Ling’s push for power and the Hop Wei tong’s tense decline, Ah Sahm goes to Wang Chao for advice—and what Chao gives him is much more useful than mere words.

A woman’s breasts are visible. Two women kiss. We see them laying naked in bed, their critical parts covered by the sheets after presumed sex. A man and woman kiss. Someone crassly alludes to sex.

In an extended fight scene, Ah Sahm fights dozens of members of another tong; in this fight, someone takes a hatchet to the neck and dies, various arms and legs are snapped, a man has his hand cut off, and another has his fingers gruesomely cut off. Another man is impaled with a knife, and someone is splattered with pig entrails. In other scenes, a man’s head is slammed against the wall, and another is smashed against a window. Someone takes a throwing knife to the chest and is stabbed many times before being tossed into the ocean. Another man is pushed so that his head is impaled by a large spike in the wall. A gun misfires, burning the face of the user, who is then hit with a throwing knife.

Someone says that cause and effect is “very Buddhist.” People drink alcohol. A man smokes.

The f-word is used more than 30 times, including two instances that are preceded by “mother.” The s-word is used twice, and the c-word is used once. We also hear “a–,” “d–n,” “h—,” “b–tard,” and “p-ss.” God’s name is abused twice.

Ah Sahm arrives in San Francisco hoping to locate his sister. But when he finds her, his life changes forever.

In this episode alone, viewers will see nearly a dozen naked women—and the full-frontal nudity of about half of those women. We see the rears of a couple of men. A prominent character runs a brothel, and we’ll often see women dressed in revealing clothing (if they’re not already naked). Sex is also prevalent on the screen, including a threesome, in which we’ll hear and see everything (except for the man’s genitals). A man brings in a man and a woman so he can have (offscreen) sex with both of them. There’s an extended scene of a man and woman kissing as they move toward having sex. Someone makes a joke about orgasms, and someone else talks about a man’s genitals. A man engages in crude conversation about going to a brothel.

A man’s head is gruesomely smashed in with a hammer, while another man’s body is beaten with a metal pipe. Two men are urinating on the street when they’re attacked, and the decapitated head of one man falls into the urine stream of the other. The other man is violently stabbed multiple times, and blood spills from the wound in his neck. A blood-covered man falls to the ground, dead. A woman admits how her husband beat and raped her many times. We see several fistfights; in one of them, a man’s arm is audibly and visibly snapped. As initiation into a tong, Ah Sahm is branded. A chicken’s head is cut off. Someone talks about stringing someone up by his genitals.

We hear some racist comments; an



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