Lady rents out her husband as a handyman

It’s wonderful to have a spouse who is practical. Every homeowner knows that there is always something that needs repairing or replacing. Having a hands-on spouse makes getting things done a lot easier while saving the family a ton of money.

Laura Young went a step further and uses her crafty husband James to bring more money to the family.

South West News Service reports that she had a brilliant idea after listening to a podcast about a man who makes a living assembling ready-to-assemble furniture. Why not lend her husband out to others to do odd jobs?

“He’s good at everything around the house and yard, so I thought why not use those skills and hire him?” Laura tells SWSN.

Laura made a Facebook post joking about her husband’s incredible skills as a handyman, and surprisingly, people started booking him for jobs. James booked so many gigs that he was able to quit his job in a warehouse and become more flexible to help Laura raise her three children, two of whom have been diagnosed as autistic and the other needs speech and language therapy.

“It allows us to book jobs and estimates around appointments and school runs without having to clear it with an employer first, risking they’ll say ‘no’ or feeling guilty, and feeling like you’re a team in the let them down,” Laura said sublimely.

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James was also diagnosed with autism. “James doesn’t have a professional background, but his grandfather was a nuclear engineer and they think he was in spectrum too,” Laura said. “He has a very methodical mind and can think outside the box. He sees things differently.”

The career change was perfect timing as James found it difficult to balance work and personal life. “It got to the point where at 1 a.m. he had to leave to help me because one or both of the boys were awake,” Laura told Upworthy. “He began struggling with being overwhelmed by the new responsibilities he was given.”

James charges £40 ($45) an hour and can work in Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard and surrounding areas north west of London, England. The couple offer discounts to people who work for the National Health Service or are 65 and older.

When James started he had so many bookings that he worked six days a week from 9am to 8pm, but since then the couple have pared their schedule down to a more manageable time of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

The couple work together as a team: Laura handles booking and social media, James handles the handwork. “You create and I build,” James told her, according to the Rent My Handy Husband website.

James works to help anyone who needs help, whether it’s installing a trampoline, building a wall or putting up a TV. The couple have also added a new specialty service for him this holiday season: putting up Christmas lights.

Since the Youngs’ story broke in the news, they have received many positive responses for sharing it.

“Many families, carers and people with disabilities have reached out to us to say they think it’s great that we offer discounts because their disability or carer role means they are unable to work and therefore don’t have much disposable income . said Laura Upworthy. “We have returning clients that we work for every month. We have also been approached by the National Health Service to see if we can offer work experience for people with disabilities.”

The couple’s decision to market James’ considerable DIY skills is a wonderful story about an imaginative family. It also suggests that families with children with special needs need more flexibility in their schedules to accommodate the extra work. Children with special needs often have more doctor appointments and therapy sessions than normal children and may need to spend more time outside of school. The hard part for parents is getting everything working.

It’s wonderful that the couple was able to find a workaround for their lives and that they have the support of people in their community.

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