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Keep-at-home mother and father do hundreds of {dollars} value of duties every month, examine says

(CNN) – The workload of parents who stay home with their children has a pretty high value.

A new study by Beike Biotechnology looked at household and childcare tasks by stay-at-home parents for up to four children in 80 major cities worldwide.

It analyzed how much the parents’ labor would cost to outsource the chores such as cleaning, cooking, shopping, transportation, emotional support, tutoring and administrative tasks.

Of the 10 cities where stay-at-home parents of two were the most valuable, four were in the United States.

San Francisco was the highest-ranked American city. Researchers found a stay-at-home parent of two children in San Francisco does about $5,200 worth of tasks per month.

Washington D.C. was ranked 7th with $4,400 per month.

New York City was 8th with $4,300 per month.

Los Angeles was 9th with $4,200 per month to outsource the work of parents.

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