Justyn Ross Bought on Shifting to Slot WR Function for Tigers

Primarily an out of numbers threat in three years with Clemson’s Dabo Swinney, wide receiver Justyn Ross will bring his fourth year skills closer to quarterback DJ Uiagalelei in the first year.

Ross’ move is an obvious indicator that Swinney and his coworkers believe their external arms with Ross, Joseph Ngata and Frank Ladson Jr. are moving forward in perfect health in 2021.

Contrary to the opinions of national players like ESPN’s Heather Dinich, Clemson is as strong as previous teams that earned the nickname “WRU” in the first place.

“Everyone (stands up),” Ross said during spring training. “Everyone from top to bottom is just an elite.”

When asked about the switch to the slot, Ross’ behavior indicated that the switch had already been thoroughly decided and even processed with Ross in contactless action.

“Yeah, that’s what it looks like right now,” said Ross. “I like it though. I played the slot a bit (before). A little bit in my first year, they moved me and got me into the slot. But I feel like it will be a huge advantage.” me.”

Ross stormed the stage in his freshman campaign, crowning his team-leading 1,000-yard maiden year with a national championship and returning in 2019 as runner-up with 66 receptions and 865 yards. With obvious pro talent as an outside receiver, Ross can add another level to his NFL scouting repertoire when he returns from his neck injury in the slot.

“Linebacker, slow collateral,” said Ross. “I only have this advantage to compete against slower opponents (in the slot) … I’ll probably be there in the fall.”

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