It is The Secret Sauce of the Pandemic & Your Instrument For Shifting Ahead, Consciously

The Conscious Way Forward is your guide for evaluating life so you can move forward with intentionality -Rebecca Cafiero

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The Conscious Way Forward, released on Amazon February 8, hit #1 bestseller in multiple categories, including business health and stress, and job markets and advice, is an authentic reflection on what life can look like as we go through uncertainty. In celebration, the Kindle version is free on Amazon on Feb 11th.

One year into the pandemic, 10 different women did an honest inventory of their lives as they navigated unprecedented times. They chose to evaluate and evolve, to release obligations and expectations that didn’t serve them, and to focus on what they could control. Their story, The Conscious Way Forward, provides insight on how to design your own way forward: through struggle and uncertainty, and above all, life.

“When uncertainty hits, people have two choices: they can pull over on the shoulder of the road and wait for things to get better. Or, they can move into the fast lane and build opportunity in the chaos. Create certainty in the uncertainty. The Conscious Way Forward is your guide for evaluating life now so you can move forward with intentionality,” – Rebecca CafieroTEDx Speaker, Best Selling Author

The Conscious Way Forward debuts the stories of 10 women, from female entrepreneurs, to business executives, lawyers and doctors. Authors include: Natalie Boese, Pat Del Gavio, Stevie Jones, Michelle King, Talla Kuperman, Lisa Liudr meg mill, Abbie Mirata, Lisa Malia Normanand Stacy Richards.

“This book is a thoughtful, captivating collection of stories that reflect the truth of what it has been like to persevere through the pandemic as a female entrepreneur. With personal success and individual triumph comes a powerful collective ripple effect, and these women are proof. “- Sadie Kay

All book proceeds will be donated to Annie Cannons, a non-profit organization that supports survivors of human trafficking and gender-based violence by providing education to become software engineers.

More information about The Conscious Way Forward can be found here.

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