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Indian Truck Driver Buys 2 Cr House in USA

Owning a house in the United States has long been a dream for many Indians, but with high prices and interest rates, it often feels out of reach for renters.

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However, an Indian truck driver has defied the odds, inspiring comparisons between life in the U.S. and India.

A viral video shows the Indian truck driver standing proudly in front of his new home.

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Located in an urban residential area, the five-bedroom house costs around Rs 2 crore in Indian currency. Additionally, he owns a Jeep Compass, which is parked in his garage.

The viral video was captioned, “A truck driver in the USA has a Jeep Compass in his garage, while in India, some IIT/IIM graduates, even with generational wealth and long work hours, struggle to afford a decent 3 BHK in Noida by 2024. The biggest lie ever told was ‘life is easy in India.’”

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This post sparked a major discussion on social media about housing in the U.S. Some users debated why it seems easier to buy a home abroad than in India, while others noted the higher income levels of U.S. truck drivers.

One user commented, “These are wooden houses in the USA, built-in 4-5 months. Land in the USA costs $1 per square foot or 83 rupees per square foot. The U.S. has more land and fewer people.”

Another compared property markets, stating that buying a house in U.S. suburbs is as challenging as in India. “You won’t get even a studio in Seattle or San Francisco suburbs for Rs 4 crore,” they wrote.

Highlighting the income disparity, another comment mentioned that an average U.S. truck driver earns about $80,000, equivalent to Rs 60-70 lakhs in India.

With such diverse reactions, the post has garnered over 1 Million views on X.

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