In 2023, the world’s oldest residing individual is a 115-year-old lady whose household emigrated to San Francisco in 1906 | Anita Durairaj

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The death of Lucile Randon, a French nun who died on January 17, 2023 at the age of 118 years and 340 days has added another person to the top of the list.

Now the world’s oldest living person is Maria Branyas Morera, an American-born woman from Spain who is currently 115 years and 320 days old (as of January 18, 2023).

Maria was born in San Francisco in 1907 to a Catalan family from Spain. Maria’s family had immigrated to San Francisco in 1906, a year before she was born.

Although Maria’s family emigrated to the United States, they later moved back to their homeland in Catalonia, Spain, in 1915.

On board the ship bound for Spain, Maria fell ill and permanently lost hearing in one ear. Then her father died of tuberculosis, leaving Maria’s mother to raise the children alone.

Maria married in 1931 and had three children.

In 2020, Maria is said to have 11 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. She was believed to be the oldest woman in Spain at the time and despite being diagnosed with Covid-19, she had only mild symptoms and beat the disease.

On March 4, 2022, Maria celebrated her 115th birthday. She had survived two world wars, the Spanish Civil War and global pandemics.

Maria currently resides in a nursing home where she has lived since the mid 90’s. She is said to be active on Twitter and Instagram.

As for her secret to longevity, Maria has claimed that she was just lucky to have good health.

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