I am a Marshalls worker – followers know magnificence restocks are day-after-day however the ‘great things’ comes at a selected time

A MARSHALLS employee has turned to social media to share store secrets with shoppers.

The employee shared insight into the retailer’s beauty stock schedule plus other in-store secrets.

A Marshalls employee shared the time the best beauty products are stocked at the off-price retailer


A Marshalls employee shared the time the best beauty products are stocked at the off-price retailerCredit: Getty

In a post on Reddit, an employee implored shoppers to ask questions about the retailer.

Many Marshalls customers inquired about the store’s beauty products, including the best time to catch restocks.

The employee shared that they work in the beauty department and restock the products every day, but that the best products will be available on Monday through Wednesday from 9:30 am to 12 pm.

“That’s when the good stuff comes,” they wrote.

Another Redditor asked why such high-end beauty products end up at Marshalls, noting they had seen Gwen Stefani’s brand at both Marshalls and TJ Maxx.

The employee shared that off-price retailers typically purchase unsold merchandise from beauty retailers like Sephora and Ulta.

“The company buys the unsold merchandise (at a lower since it hasn’t been sold) at a lower price in-store,” they explained.

A third shopper inquired if the beauty items that Marshalls receives are close to expiration.

“When it comes to certain makeup and skincare, it only starts expiring when you open the product,” clarified the employee.


In addition to beauty secrets, shoppers in the comment section asked a variety of other questions about the retailer.

I’m a pro makeup artist & shop at Marshall’s – I found ‘liquid gold’ for $12.99 but have a strict rule for lip products

“Why can’t you look up my receipt for a return, even if I used my TJX card?! Every other retailer can do it. The technology is there!” asked one shopper.

The Marshalls employee explained that they do not have the appropriate system to check for return receipts.

“It would be a major time saver if we did,” they wrote.

Another customer questioned about price markdowns.

“I’ve never had the guts to ask an employee if they can check if a price for an item that’s been there for a while should be marked down. Any tips on how to do this politely?” they asked.

The employee encouraged shoppers to politely explain to a worker that they have seen a certain item on the floor for a while and to ask if they can check if it’s on markdown.

“We have a phone scanner that can check if it is or not,” they said.

A third Marshalls fan asked what would happen if a customer removed a product’s reduced red price tag and attempted to return it without a receipt.

In response, the employee explained that the stickers are very difficult to remove.

“Those things are almost impossible to remove without damaging the original label or having some of the red there, so it’ll be a dead giveaway,” they wrote.

They also noted that employees can look up the price of an item in their system and see its original and current price.

In other related news, one shopper makes a living reselling Marshalls beauty products – they’ve sold $191,000 of items in three months.

Another shopper shares three tricks to save you more money next time you shop at Marshalls.

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