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How will COVID-19 vaccinations impression San Francisco actual property?

ON: When this pandemic hit the Bay Area in March 2020, everything was quickly stopped by the shelter-in-place rules. The governor viewed agents, lenders, inspectors, and title companies as essential contributors so we can serve our customers with significant changes to keep everyone safe.

Many clients have delayed their plans, but buying or selling a home is an important milestone in someone’s life and it cannot simply be postponed.

Market activity was robust with many transactions over the year. I witnessed a general shift from community life to single family homes, with the outdoors becoming an essential amenity as everyone at home was confiscated.

Now that the vaccine is in widespread use, I see even more activity from buyers and sellers. There is light at the end of the tunnel and renewed hope that people can go back to work, dine in restaurants, tour a museum, see a movie, and hug our loved ones again.

I believe this trend will continue as we see more prevalence and achieve herd immunity. The Bay Area is still a wonderful place to live.

Adam Gavzer, compass,

415-505-0714, adam@gavzer.com.

ON: The news and the introduction of vaccinations has already had an impact on our property market as we had the busiest January recently.

Many shoppers who have left the city for much of 2020 seem to be getting back in, and with talk of returning to offices and enjoying the restaurants, shopping, and culture of city life, savvy shoppers are hoping for their new home to be found now for years to come.

However, San Francisco still does not allow personal open houses. It is therefore more important than ever to work with an agent who is familiar with the submarkets in the city and who can gather as much background information as possible beforehand and submit an offer.

The city remains a great place to live. Once the majority of residents are vaccinated, we’ll embrace the renewable energy and real estate market.

Kevin Delmore,

Sotheby’s International Realty, 415-203-3357, kevin.delmore@sothebyshomes.com.

ON: The arrival of the vaccine is very good news.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and the order of protection, many people moved in droves from densely populated cities to suburban communities. They were looking for more spacious living spaces with home offices and outdoor areas.

When the COVID-19 vaccine becomes available to all groups, we will gradually return to the cities. Rents have come down and this will add to the return.

The real estate market in the Bay Area has been very resilient despite the pandemic, and all forecasts for 2021 assume that we will continue to see a strong real estate market.

Kathleen Daly,

Coldwell Banker, 415-519-6074, kdaly@cbnorcal.com;

Lisa Lange,

Coldwell Banker, 415-847-7770, lisalange@coldwellbanker.com.

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