How To Choose A Bridal Makeup Artist?

Before you say I do, here’s a million-dollar question; how to choose a bridal makeup artist? How can you choose the right beautician for your special day with lots of professional bridal makeup artists in Los Gatos? It may sound like an easy job, but choosing a wedding makeup artist is a lot more challenging than you think.

Researching, creating a list, and refining your options – are the primary steps in choosing a bridal makeup artist. First, you need to choose a beautician that would understand your style. Then, you can read online reviews, and don’t be afraid to ask for a trial.

You need to find a beautician in Los Gatos that would transform you into the blushing bride that you’ve always wanted to become. If you have no idea where to start your research, we’ve got some tips for you.

10 Tips In Choosing A Bridal Makeup Artist In Los Gatos

It is exciting to search for the best wedding makeup artist, but the process is sometimes challenging. It is not easy to look for a professional beautician who would give you the most elegant and flawless bridal look. If you want to feel more confident walking down the aisle, consider these tips in choosing a bridal makeup artist.

1.Research Is Key

Many brides are unaware that anyone may call themselves a beauty artist. You don’t need any formal education or diploma. Some self-proclaimed makeup artists only show off their high-end brushes and cosmetics to say they are “experts.” 

But isn’t that terrifying? You may end up hiring a fake beautician. So, what can you do to avoid it from happening? 

Examine their portfolio, employment experience, and expertise. Who are the people the makeup artist has worked with? You can read reviews on Google, Yelp, and even Facebook. It is easy to get scammed by “IG-worthy” images, but nothing beats hands-on experience. So get to know your preferred makeup artist before it’s too late.

2.Find a Makeup Artist Who Can Do Your Style

If you’re a minimalist who doesn’t wear much makeup daily, avoid hiring a makeup artist specializing in big, bold, flashy looks. Otherwise, you may end up looking and feeling overdone. 

Don’t be someone who ends up spending a significant amount of money only to end up realizing that the makeup artist is too heavy-handed for your taste. Then, you’ll end up with no other options because it would be too late to hire another one.

As you research the best bridal makeup artist in Los Gatos, make sure to communicate your style with your beautician. Be clear about the looks that you want to achieve. 

3.Identify Your Desired Level Of Service 

It is essential to know the makeup artist you’ll be working with on your wedding day. Whether you hire a company or a freelance beautician, make sure to identify your desired level of service.

You need to build a relationship and trust in someone before your big day and know exactly what their work is like. For example, do you want simple and natural makeup? Do you prefer an elegant look on your wedding day? Would you allow the makeup artist to do a retouch during the reception? Know your desired level of service and look for a beautician that can do it for you.

4.Hygiene And Sanitation Practices

No one wants to work with a messy bridal makeup artist. If the beautician can’t tidy herself, then you’re better off finding another. Pandemic or not, It’s crucial to practice good hygiene for personal services such as cosmetics applications. Believe it or not, some makeup artists do disgusting things in the field.

It may seem impossible to tell whether a beautician is hygienic or not by reading the reviews or just checking their website. It is where the importance of building a relationship with the makeup artist comes in. Talk to your preferred beautician and be observant during your meetings or trials, but not obvious.

Double-dipping, brush washing, blowing on brushes, and a kit that looks like a bomb went off in it – these are some things you don’t want your beautician doing. Also, beware of using fingers and palms as palettes because it is another example of poor hygiene practices in makeup application.

Inquire about the cleanliness and hygiene practices of any artist you’re thinking about hiring. Move on if they don’t appear interested in addressing your questions or don’t sound comprehensive enough. It is critical that you take care of your health!

5.Ask For Referrals From Friends Or Family Who Got Married

When planning a wedding, everyone will give you recommendations for the most incredible beauticians. Some of your family and friends may even volunteer to help you for free! So, don’t be shy to ask for referrals from friends or family members who already got married. If they would recommend someone, it’s probably because the makeup artist did an incredible job for them. 

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Final Words

Research, meet and try – these are the simple methods of choosing the best bridal makeup artist. For soon-to-be brides in Los Gatos, hire your makeup artist as far in advance as possible. Then, as your wedding day approaches, don’t forget to take care of your skin. Leave the cosmetic beautification to your makeup artist.

If you are looking for an experienced and reliable bridal makeup artist in Los Gatos, Lash Out Loud Beauty Bar can help you. We have “real” professionals that can work on your style and desired look.

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