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How San Francisco has enforced shelter-in-place: See the numbers

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – San Francisco had a stay at home order as of December 6th and has a new travel order for San Francisco through at least January 4th.

With these restrictions, how the city enforces them can be confusing.

Travel warning: SF must be quarantined for 10 days

The San Francisco Police Department told KRON, “Violating or failing to comply with this order is an offense that can result in a fine, imprisonment, or both.”

Police provided the following data, which has been traced back to March 17, 2020.

  • 0 quotes for face mask injuries
  • 150 warnings for breach of protection on site
    • Broken down: 82 individuals and 68 companies
  • 30 quotes for violating shelter-in-place
    • Broken down: 15 individuals and 15 companies

COVID Death Projection: So Many People May Die Every Day in California

Police said the shelter violations included non-essential businesses operating after the order to close, as well as individuals who did not go home when warned.

Homeless people in San Francisco are largely exempt from ordering. Police said they preferred to educate people about voluntary compliance with the city’s instructions.

“We don’t want to use a criminal law approach to a public health challenge,” police said.

The new stay at home order closes the hotspots for tourists in California

Here are some of the rules of the current home stay order.

Individuals can meet with someone outside their household to:

  • To go for a walk
  • Hang out in the park
  • Play non-contact sports

Individuals are required to wear face masks outside of their homes, with limited exceptions.

Business Restrictions:

  • Retail / purchasing: indoor capacity 20%
  • Hotels / Accommodation: Closed for non-essential stays
  • Outdoor recreation: No overnight stays, no food / drink / alcohol sales
  • Worship: Outdoor services only
  • Restaurants: Take away only
  • Offices: Remote work only, unless this is not possible for critical infrastructure sectors
  • Sports Games / Entertainment: No live audience

Shut down:

  • Indoor playgrounds
  • Indoor leisure facilities
  • Hairdressing salons and barber shops
  • Personal care services
  • Museums, zoos and aquariums
  • movie theater
  • Wineries
  • Bars, breweries and distilleries
  • Family entertainment centers
  • Card rooms and satellite betting
  • Casinos
  • Limited services
  • Live public sports
  • Amusement parks

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