How Emilie Munroe Designed a Maximalist Dream Residence in San Francisco

When designing a maximalist oasis in San Francisco, Emilie Munroe says the design process “started the old-fashioned way, with a package of torn magazine inspiration images”. The designer and her clients communicated by email and by exchanging links and online portfolios. “Also, with the project being carried out entirely in the on-site shelter when face-to-face interactions and time on site were scarce – it seemed like the perfect old-fashioned way to start a successful customer relationship.”

The end product presents spaces that exude warmth, color and personality. Munroe knew immediately that the design of this house would “revolve around pieces and ideas that exude joy, arouse curiosity and have a strong aesthetic voice”. She adds that wallflowers (that is, the type of people, not the decor) are definitely not welcome here!

Explore the fabulous lively house below.

living room

Thomas Kuoh

“We wanted the house to have a wow factor, an impression the moment you walk in, and then reveal its vibrant mix of unique, layered elements as guests spend time in each room,” explains Munroe. “Happiness was the overarching feeling the rooms wanted to convey, but happiness where you can still find a cozy place to read a book and relax and unwind.”

The end product is a room with velvet upholstered sofas from Egg Collective and custom-made ottomans, all of which “exude elegance yet remain soft and inviting”.

buy stromectol uk Matching sofas: Egg collective. buy Lyrica online Area carpet: Christopher Farr. purchase ivermectin online Ottomans, room dividers and shelves: Tailor-made, designed by SM. Chandelier: NIDO life. Lounge chair: Future perfect. Coffee table: Williams Sonoma House. Sofa and side tables: A plus R. Color shades: Hartmann and Forbes.

dining room

Pattern carpet, pink carpet, green chair, colorful room, pattern fabric

Thomas Kuoh

“The inspiration pictures [for the dining room] Provided by our client, showed warm, collected, vibrant homes that weren’t afraid to share a certain personality, ”explains Munroe. “We knew straight away that our design had to be about pieces and ideas that exude joy, arouse curiosity and have a strong aesthetic voice. The tufted, flowered lead dining chairs are a great example of this spirit. ”

Chairs: A. Rudin. Chair fabric: Christopher Farr cloth. Side chairs and carpet: Anthropology. Sideboard: Future perfect. Chandelier: NIDO life. Color shades: Hartmann and Forbes.

Guest toilet

Guest toilet, wallpaper, pink

Thomas Kuoh

“We love the moment in a jewelry store,” reveals Munroe – “and this playful pink jungle scene is one of our favorite examples.” The designer adds that this particular wallpaper “was one of our last selections and we found almost every room in the house has an animal or print that creates an unexpected and happy line in the house. ”

In addition, Munroe advises that “when applying a wallpaper mural, the key to how the mural is read as a whole is how the ceiling is treated.” so that the ceiling is read as a continuation of heaven. “

Background: Bois Paradis Bourgeon by Christian Lacroix. Fittings: Watermark. sink: Duarvit. Mirrors: Anthropology.

Guest room

Bed, wallpaper, brass bed, blue paint, pillow, pendant

Thomas Kuoh

This rustic-glamorous bedroom features an antique gold bed frame, neutral wallpaper from HEWN, and bohemian throw pillows from Well Made Home and DWR.

Bank: Jonathan Adler. Nightstands: Anthropology. Area carpet: Floor design. Chandelier: DWR. Panel fabric: Zoffany curtain. Background: CASING. Pillow: Well done home and DWR.


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