House owners of San Francisco’s 115-12 months-Outdated Mochi Store, Benkyodo, Plan to Retire on the Finish of the 12 months

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  • Japantown’s businesses have been hard hit by the pandemic. While many have been forced to close, others have managed to stay open by staying extremely adaptable. Read about On the Bridge, a soothing Yoshoku-style restaurant in Japantown Mall and Benkyodo, the 115-year-old mochi shop, for a lesson in resilience. One important detail from this article: The owners of Benkyodo plan to retire at the end of the year and sell (or close) the restaurant. You hope to keep the family business but no agreements have been made so hold on. [KQED]
  • Cook with the help of chef Brandon Jew in the newly published cookbook by Mister Jiu – via the newly launched subscription “Eat the Book”. Receive the prepared ingredients necessary to cook one of the recipes in Jude’s new cookbook, Mister Jiu’s in Chinatown, each month. It’s an easy way to try recipes without committing to an entire bottle or sachet of an ingredient that you may not use often. There is also a bottled cocktail subscription from Jius Ho Ho Cocktail Club, which is an ideal way to consume cocktails from the comfort of your home.
  • Don’t be alarmed, jug shop fans who notice an alcohol license application on the 1648 Pacific Avenue window. Legendary Russian liquor store Hill is moving from its throne in Polk and Pacific to this room, but only temporarily as its funky, single-story building transforms into a 53-unit, urban-density project. The jug store plans to return to the building’s ground floor when completed, with one storefront facing both Polk and the Pacific. No matter what, it will be an upgrade from the current digs of the dusty but beloved liquor store. [Socketsite]
  • The first location in the US, Fugetsu, the Japanese okonomiyaki chain, is closing its Santa Clara location and moving to Sunnyvale instead. The owner of the Fugetsu franchise opens in another Japanese restaurant, Rokko, owned by his business partner. This will allow him to personally serve the hearty pancakes and yakisoba for the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic. [SF Chronicle]
  • Chefs running pop-ups out of their own kitchen have just received a profit in the form of an invoice that allows small food businesses to sell a maximum of 60 meals per week after getting a permit. They can’t have more than one full-time employee or gross sales greater than $ 50,000 per year, but they can offer take-away, delivery, and even dine-in service at home. [SF Chronicle]

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