High 4 progressive plumbing fixtures so as to add to your property

(Good Things Utah) – So much cool technology has hit the market lately in the plumbing world. Plumbing now has the ability to upgrade and renew rooms around the home instead of just functioning. Let’s talk to Fieldstone Homes designer Silvana Fredrickson about what’s coming to the market from her leading plumbing partner, Shamrock Plumbing.

Plumbers make a big statement in any room. It’s a fun way to be bold with a bright pop of color. Faucets are the most talked about plumbing item in a new home, but that is now changing. Plumbing is so much more than just fittings.

Fieldstone Homes has an upcoming technology for innovative products that are BOLD. Shamrock Plumbing is installing these amazing home builder products and they will be available in the design studio later this year. You’ll experience the same quality and finish whether you’re building a $ 1.5 million home in Park City or a townhouse in Eagle Mountain.

Find groundbreaking plumbing fixtures like the following at the Fieldstone Design Studio:

U Smart faucet from Moen

The U by Moen Smart faucet was developed to make everyday life easier and to give your room a nice style. It offers convenience, precision, and intuitive voice activation technology to get things done in the kitchen.

You can ask Moen to dispense water at the desired temperature and amount using your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Soft water system

The advantages of a soft water system are many. A water softener not only helps reduce hardness minerals in your water supply, it also improves your drinking water. Here are the other positive effects associated with soft water systems.

  • Easier to clean – no more hard water stains on fixtures, appliances or clothing
  • Less soap and detergent, laundry detergent and soaps required
  • Increased longevity of water-consuming devices (no mineral deposits inside!)
  • Softer skin and hair
  • Cleaner, pristine dishes and cutlery

Flo from Moen

Flo by Moen ™ is a revolutionary smart home water security system that includes a range of products to protect your home from water damage and leaks around the clock.

The Smart Water Shutoff monitors your entire water supply system for leaks and weak points, while the Smart Water Detector detects leaks and moisture outside the pipes, such as overflowing drains, equipment failures or weather-related problems.

Kohler Highline, comfort toilet

With its clear, sleek design and efficient performance, the Kohler Highline, comfort height, water-saving toilet combines both style and function.

An innovative 1.28 gallon flush setting offers significant water savings of up to 16,500 gallons per year compared to an old 3.5 gallon toilet without sacrificing flush performance. The extended seat and the chair-like height ensure comfortable use.

It’s more than just a toilet.

This segment was made possible by Shamrock Plumbing, a trusted fieldstone home provider offering a wide range of plumbing services across the Salt Lake area.

Find out more about the services offered and receive a free estimate.

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