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High 15 International locations for Dental Tourism

In this article, we will look at the top 15 countries for dental tourism. We have also discussed the global dental industry and its key players. If you want to skip our detailed analysis, head straight to the Top 5 Countries for Dental Tourism

Dental tourism, a growing trend in healthcare, involves individuals traveling to foreign countries to obtain dental services at a lower cost than in their home countries. This phenomenon is usually driven by the major disparities in dental treatment expenses across the globe, with some countries offering high-quality services at a fraction of the price. Before diving into our list of the best countries for dental tourism, we shall study the global dental industry market. 

The global dental industry market, valued at $34,245 million in 2022, per Straits Research, is projected to witness a strong growth, reaching  $55,351 million by 2031, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.48% during the forecast period. The key drivers fueling this growth include the rising prevalence of dental diseases and increased expenditure on dental healthcare. Dental disorders, such as dental caries and periodontitis, affect a large percentage of the population, driving demand for dental products and consumables. Moreover, the dental industry benefits from the fourth-highest oral healthcare expenditure globally, amounting to $110 billion annually in the United States alone.

However, there are challenges like the high cost of dental care, especially in developing countries, leading to limited accessibility for low- and middle-income groups. Limited reimbursements and the expense associated with advanced dental procedures contribute to this market restraint. Despite these challenges, some opportunities arise from technological development. Geographically, the Americas dominate the market, with North America being the largest regional market and growing at a CAGR of 5.13%, fueled by a high demand for dental procedures and government initiatives supporting dental health.

While the United States is generally considered the best country for dentistry, Sweden is the most advanced country in dentistry while Canada is one of the countries with highest demand for dentists. Moreover, Switzerland is the country with the most expensive dental care in the world

With global dentistry growing at an unprecedented pace, advancements in technology and collaborative efforts between industry leaders are reshaping the way professionals operate. For example, Dentsply Sirona Inc (NASDAQ:XRAY) and 3Shape have announced expanded workflow integrations to improve digital dentistry for professionals. The collaboration enables seamless connectivity between Dentsply Sirona Inc (NASDAQ:XRAY)’s Primescan intraoral scanners and 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanners via DS Core. This integration facilitates efficient transmission of lab orders and direct processing in 3Shape Dental System, saving valuable time for dental professionals. Furthermore, dentists can now connect TRIOS scanners to in-office milling and printing solutions like Primemill and Primeprint via 3Shape Unite, DS Core, and inLab CAD software. 

Speaking of Dentsply Sirona Inc (NASDAQ:XRAY), the company has also recently announced that its DS World Las Vegas event in 2024 will now take place on September 26-28 at Caesars Forum. The event is a highly anticipated annual clinical education gathering in the dental industry and promises an immersive experience that will feature market-leading dental education, networking opportunities, and entertainment. Thousands of dental professionals worldwide attend, benefiting from over 100 education courses presented by experts and gaining insights into new products and solutions.

Henry Schein, Inc (NASDAQ:HSIC), the world’s largest distributor of dental products, is set to enter Brazil’s dental implants market through the acquisition of S.I.N. Implant System. The definitive agreement was signed in May, with the transaction expected to close in the second half of the current year, pending regulatory approval. S.I.N. will retain its leadership and become part of Henry Schein, Inc (NASDAQ:HSIC)’s Global Oral Reconstruction Group. The Brazilian company, a leading dental implant provider, had revenues of US$61 million last year and specializes in value implant products. The acquisition aims to complement Henry Schein, Inc (NASDAQ:HSIC)’s existing dental consumables and equipment business in Brazil.

Speaking of acquisitions, Henry Schein, Inc (NASDAQ:HSIC) is also set to acquire a majority stake in TriMed, a California-based developer specializing in orthopedic solutions for lower and upper extremities. Although the deal’s terms remain undisclosed, TriMed reported approximately $48 million in net sales for 2022. Henry Schein, Inc (NASDAQ:HSIC) simultaneously formed an alliance with Extremity Medical, based in Parsippany, NJ, focusing on orthopedic treatments for lower extremities and wrists. The acquisition has positionedHenry Schein, Inc (NASDAQ:HSIC) to become a prominent player in the foot and ankle, hand, and wrist extremity domains, with a focus on exploiting existing relationships for market expansion. 

Dentsply Sirona Inc (NASDAQ:XRAY) and Henry Schein, Inc (NASDAQ:HSIC) are two of the Biggest Dental Companies in the World.

Top 15 Countries for Dental TourismTop 15 Countries for Dental Tourism

Top 15 Countries for Dental Tourism



To identify the top countries for dental tourism, we evaluated countries providing cost-effective and high-quality dental care. We compared the expenses of general dental procedures with those in the United States, selecting countries where the same services were available at a fraction of the cost. To gauge the quality and standards of these services, we examined Reddit threads, considering the collective opinions of individuals who underwent procedures in these countries. Our resulting list ranks these countries in ascending order of popularity among Americans, all of which offer highly affordable dental care.

Here is a list of the top countries for dental tourism

15. Philippines

The rising costs of dental procedures in countries like the US, Europe, and Australia have led many to consider Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines, for affordable and high-quality dental care. The full-mouth reconstruction in the Philippines costs around 22% of the price in Australia. Moreover, with English widely spoken and Filipino dentists delivering world-class treatments in hygienic clinics, the Philippines has emerged as a popular destination for dental tourism. It is considered one of the cheapest countries for dental work.

14. Panama

Panama as a dental tourism hub comes with a combination of safety, affordability, and quality care. With a remarkably low crime rate, Panama is considered the safest country in Central America. Moreover, with English-speaking dentists trained in the United States, Panama ensures effective communication for international patients. Proximity to North America facilitates easy access through direct flights, and the use of the US dollar eliminates currency exchange hassles. 

13. Colombia

Dental Tourism in Colombia comes with affordable and high-quality dental care, attracting many Americans looking for significant cost savings. Procedures such as porcelain veneers, dental implants, and crowns are remarkably cheaper compared to the US. Despite the lower costs, the quality of care is comparable or even superior, using top dental materials and experienced professionals. Colombian dentists often complete treatments faster, with efficient lab turnaround times. Colombia is also one of the best countries for dental implants

12. Hungary

Hungary is a premier dental tourism destination, attracting thousands of international patients annually. Renowned for its top-notch dental care, the country offers treatments up to 70% cheaper than Western Europe, without compromising quality. Evergreen Dental Clinic and Naturadent are two of the most popular dental clinics in Budapest. Hungary is one of the top countries for dental tourism in Europe.

11. Croatia

A single dental implant with abutment costs $1,050 in Croatia, whereas it can reach $5,000 in the US and $3,000 in the UK. Croatian dental clinics also provide competitive packages currently, like the Hollywood Smile Design package which includes 16 veneers, free accommodation, local transfers, and relaxing massages, all for $6,300 instead of $8,500.

10. Poland

With prices significantly lower than the UK, patients can save 50-70% on dental treatments, including crowns, veneers, and implants. The country’s skilled and accredited dentists adhere to rigorous standards set by the Polish Dental Council, ensuring top-notch care. Dentineo, located in Gdańsk and Jesionowa Dental Clinic in Warsaw are two of the best dental clinics in Poland

9. Spain

Spain is gaining popularity for dental tourism due to several key factors. Firstly, the cost of dental surgery, including procedures such as dental implants, crowns, and bridges, is significantly lower in Spain compared to countries like the UK and the US. Prices in Spain are reported to be 20 to 40% lower than in the UK and even 60% lower than in the US. Additionally, Spain is a popular tourism destination, offering patients the opportunity to combine dental treatments with a holiday in the beautiful seaside resorts of Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Malaga, or Benidorm. It is also worth noting that the best clinics in Spain use top-quality materials such as titanium implants and zirconia-based ceramics for crowns. 

Spain is also one of the countries with the best dental health.

8. Romania

The country’s rich history in medical tourism, dating back to ancient times, and its modern, well-trained dental workforce contribute to its popularity. Patients, particularly from Western countries, benefit from substantial cost savings, with prices often up to 70% less than in their home countries. It is one of the best countries for dental work in Europe.

7. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, particularly Prague, is globally known for dental tourism. With a proud tradition of high-quality dentistry, doctors undergo six years of academic education, often holding Ph.D. qualifications. Notably, dental care is offered at a fraction of the cost compared to the USA, UK, and other countries, making it up to 50% more affordable. Strict regulations ensure safety and quality, with 100% professional and experienced practitioners. It is one of the cheapest countries for dental implants

6. Costa Rica

The country has high healthcare standards, reflected in a life expectancy surpassing that of the US, as noted by the World Health Organization. Dental services include a broad spectrum, from routine procedures like whitening and cavity treatments to specialized care such as dental implants, orthodontics, and oral surgery. The affordability factor is compelling as dental expenses in Costa Rica are often priced at 75% less than their US counterparts. Strict regulation by the National College of Dental Surgeons ensures licensed practitioners. 

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