Handyman responsible of burning ex’s new associate alive

Mark Chilman was found guilty Thursday. (PA)

A craftsman was found guilty of murdering his ex’s new partner by knocking him unconscious and burning him alive in his car.

Mark Chilman, 52, faces life imprisonment after being convicted of the murder of 66-year-old former CEO Neil Parkinson.

He hit Parkinson with an unknown gun before knocking him out in his 4×4 car and setting it on fire to cover up his crime as suicide.

Parkinson’s body was discovered in a burning BMW X5 at a Worcestershire rest area on December 12th last year.

Neil Parkinson was on his way home before being attacked by Chilman.  (SWNS)

Neil Parkinson was on his way home before being attacked by Chilman. (SWNS)

The jury was told how Chilman attacked Parkinson after finding out he was in a relationship with his ex-partner Juliet Adcock.

The couple had split in June last year, but Chilman remained “obsessed” with Adcock.

The court heard Chilman use a tracker on her car to follow her and steal her underwear after she broke into her home.

Chilman was on trial in Worcester Crown Court for murder and found guilty Thursday.

The defendant bowed his head and closed his eyes when he learned of his fate.

Police at the scene.  (SWNS)

Police at the scene. (SWNS)

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He is expected to face life imprisonment if sentenced next week.

The court was told how Chilman lay in wait before attacking his victim and hitting him on the back of the head with a heavy object such as a hammer.

Parkinson had been on his way home to take care of his elderly mother after spending the evening with Adcock.

Chilman drove his unconscious corpse to a rest stop and set it on fire in the driver’s seat of his car with around 40 liters of gasoline from two stolen canisters.

The jury was told how he intentionally centered the fire around his body and staged it as if he had committed suicide.

The crime occurred in December last year.  (SWNS)

The crime occurred in December last year. (SWNS)

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An autopsy revealed that Parkinson’s had a fractured skull and was still alive when he was put in the driver’s seat of the car before it was set on fire.

The story goes on

Chilman later sent Adcock a “suicide text” pretending to be from Parkinson’s in which he wrote, “I lead a double life. I use and abuse woman [sic]. “

But Adcock said she knew the message was not written by her partner because of the “appalling” spelling and grammar.

He also sent other fake text messages pretending to be Parkinson’s disease claiming he had sexual relations with three other women.

The court was told that Chilman was still obsessed with Adcock and bought the same perfume as she sprayed on clothes he stole from her.

When they were together, Chilman wrote love messages in her lipstick on her bedroom and bathroom mirror that said, “I love you forever.”

He also left a noose to “hang up” and put a sledgehammer on the farm and a tracking device on her car because he suspected she was “having an affair”.

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