Hailey Bieber on new Rhode blusher & pregnant magnificence

Describing a beauty brand as “minimal, sporty and essential” may seem unidentifiable in an industry so saturated, but not when Hailey Bieber is the face of it…

Two years on from Rhode’s debut launch, the founder has made her first foray into makeup, adding to her already hyped skincare line with a collection of blushers named, Pocket Blush. Of course, we cannot forget about Hails’ Peptide Lip Tints – her first first foray into coloured cosmetics – but with the latest release, skincare comes as an additional benefit, primarily cementing that summer 2024 is, in fact, all about ‘peachy beachy’ girl makeup.

And ‘how do we know this?’ I hear you ask. Well, after chatting with Hailey herself over Zoom *humble brag*, we were soon able to understand where her passion for such a carefully curated roster of beauty products came from, and why blusher is next in line to the coveted Rhode throne.

“The way that we look at colour at Rhode is with hybrid products that feel very skin-focused,” Hailey tells us, delving into the BTS details about creating Pocket Blush. “We’ve been working on this blush for two years; it did take us a really long time to develop because I wanted it to be great. And for me, my whole ethos with the brand is ‘essentials’; the things that you can’t leave the house without, the things you can’t live without, the things that you can’t travel without.” I mean, if Hailey Bieber says blusher is essential, you best believe we’re second in line to confirm it.

For such a natural, flushed look, Pocket Blush and particularly the shade ‘Piggy’ – which Hailey says she uses on a “day-to-day basis” – is the perfect go-to product, thanks to its creamy, lightweight texture that melts into the skin. Think: hydrated and baby-soft, sans-that dreaded greasy feel. But if Piggy doesn’t speak to you, there are five further shades (six in total) to choose from, ranging a bronzed terracotta to bright coral and even softer mauve tones.

rhode pocket blush

pocket blush

A little blush for a little flush. The on-the-go cream blush wakes up cheeks and lips with a satiny, diffused flush that melts on smoothly and stays all day. It’s a lightweight formula that hydrates skin for baby-soft cheeks and leaves a glowy finish without a greasy feel.

Size: 5.3g / 0.18 oz.

Now, while I’m sure you’re waiting patiently to add bundles of the above to your online shopping basket (join the waitlist now, or set a reminder for 20th June for the official launch) in the hopes of achieving Hailey’s dewy flush, our favourite IT girl reminds us that, just like you and I, celebrities get spots, too. Shocked, much? I think not. Getting candid with Cosmo, Hailey says that her one bad beauty habit is picking spots. “I cannot leave a pimple alone for the life of me,” she admits. “Pimple stickers have helped though.

“If it’s covered with something cute, I can at least be like ‘okay, okay, okay’. And they really do help heal them faster. Even recently, I had a sleepover with my best friend and I was like, “Do you ever get a pimple and pick at it?” and she said, “No, because I don’t pick my skin.” I was shocked; she is so elite and disciplined with that, I should take note!” Us too, girl, us too.

When it comes to skincare, Hailey’s routine has evolved over the years, from dealing with breakouts to figuring out which products are pregnancy-safe, the soon-to-be-mum says that she is constantly navigating her way through beauty. “I feel like my skin has habits and I know more now about what triggers it and what doesn’t. I’ve learned so much more about my skin now being 27, in comparison to when I was 20,” Hailey candidly shares.

“I do have perioral dermatitis, which gets triggered easily for me and can look a bit like breakouts. So, I’ve definitely had a journey with my skin and I’m still very much on it,” she adds.

Most recently, Hailey’s skin journey has brought her to invest in an LED face mask, however, speaking of her pregnancy with husband Justin Bieber, the model says that she has been hesitant to use it. “The last beauty item I bought was one of those red light face masks, but I haven’t used it yet because I’m not sure you can use it when pregnant. I need confirmation that it’s a pregnancy-OK thing.”

It’s clear that this IT girl is thoughtful when it comes to her beauty ventures and we cannot wait to see what she creates next…

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