Greenberg Blasts San Francisco Mayor’s European Junket

Activist Richie Greenberg calls out San Francisco mayor on ill-timed European trip amid local crime surge.

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“San Franciscans are questioning Mayor Breed’s overseas escapade; she seeks to increase tourism (which is essential to our economic recovery) while ignoring sections of our city’s nearly uncontrolled crime. She lacks resolve in correcting our famously failed criminal justice system under embattled district attorney Chesa Boudin. Mayor Breed’s silence [on the crime surge] is shocking. Her record of poor decision-making continues such as her costly, failed “Declaration of Emergency” in the tenderloin bodes poorly. Moreover, we are shocked by her recent labeling of those of us questioning her policies “right-wing”.

“Armed home invasion robberies, Asian hate crimes, neighborhoods overrun with drug dealing, and swaths of our city’s downtown shuttered are what we San Franciscans grapple with, on a daily basis. Tourist, however, are specifically being targeted starting from their arrival at the airport, their valuables stolen right from their rental cars in nearly every corner of the city with impunity.Chinatown merchants are currently being targeted;they plead for city hall intervention.Foreign news crews were robbed at gunpoint,the most popular tourist hotpots are surveilled by criminals ready to strike. Thieves know they won’t be held accountable for their crimes. Madam Mayor, European tour operators and airlines need to know the truth.”

Press Contact: Richie Greenberg
Twitter: @richieSF2016
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: RecallChesaBoudin.org

SOURCE Stop the Injustice

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