Golden Gate Xpress | Thriving in San Francisco: A neighborhood information for SF State college students transferring to town

If you’re looking for a neighborhood that gives you that big city feel, Lower Nob Hill might just be the one you’re looking for. Lower Nob Hill is popular among college students because of its proximity to public transportation, relatively affordable rent and nightlife.

San Francisco is largely known for its sky-high rent, so for college students on a fixed budget, affordable rent can be crucial. Though far from bargain prices, Lower Nob Hill has one of the most affordable rents in the city. According to Apartment Advisor, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Lower Nob Hill is $2,200. 

A big draw for students residing in Lower Nob Hill is its proximity to major public transportation lines. The neighborhood sits just a half mile north of Market Street, where major transit systems such as BART and Muni run, making travel in and around the city extremely convenient. Thanks to SF State’s Gator Pass Program, students can ride many of the city’s transportation lines for free. Just tap your student OneCard and you’re good to go!

One of the most attractive aspects of Lower Nob Hill for students is how much is packed into its .25 square mile frame.

Daniel Orman, a fourth-year astrophysics major, chose to live in Lower Nob Hill because of its central location. 

“Everything I need is within walking distance,” Orman said.

The neighborhood boasts an impressive array of bars and venues that are perfect for students looking for a night out. McTeague’s Saloon, DecoDance Bar and Regency Ballroom are just a few of the popular spots in Lower Nob Hill.

Compared to other neighborhoods on this list, Lower Nob Hill is a little the farthest from SF State. However, if you value easy access to public transportation, cheaper rent and lots of things to do in the area, Lower Nob Hill might be the neighborhood for you.

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