Girl who moved from London to San Francisco opens up concerning the issues she misses MOST concerning the UK… and divulges the issues she can’t stand about her new dwelling metropolis

  • Tory Trombley moved from London to California for work in 2022
  • She now regularly posts on TikTok about the differences between the UK and US 
  • In a clip shared to TikTok, she explained what she misses most about the UK

A woman who moved from London to San Francisco has revealed the things that she misses about living overseas. 

Tory Trombley, who is originally from the US, moved back to the States last year, after spending three years living in London – and she has now candidly revealed that she misses feeling ‘most herself’ in the UK.

The content creator – who works in the tech industry – opened up about the things she enjoyed the most about her time in London, and wishes she still had now that she is living in California. 

In one clip shared to her TikTok account, Tory laid bare the stark differences between the two cities, while revealing the steps she is trying to take in order to embrace her new home.

Tory Trombley moved from London to San Francisco and has revealed the things that she misses about living overseas She has moved back to the States after living in London and has shared that she misses feeling ‘most herself’ in the UK In a clip shared to her TikTok account, Tory revealed if she missed living in the UK and the differences between the two cities.

She captioned the clip: ‘It’s been one year since I have moved and I always get this question: do I miss London? Of course I do. 

‘I made great friends in London, I felt the most like myself. 

‘But moving doesn’t mean that you have to hate the place you’re in while missing the place you left. 

‘I am currently trying to find that balance.’ 

At the beginning of the clip, she explained that you have to keep in mind that she moved from one city to another. 

‘So the answer to the former question, do I miss living in the UK over the US is absolutely,’ she said. 

Tory noted that this was because many things ‘are more difficult in the US.’ 

‘One example is healthcare. It’s just so much harder to get good healthcare here and not pay a lot out of pocket for it. 

‘Another one is cultural. People talk about work way more and take way less vacation,’ she said of the US. 

Tory noted that she ‘misses’ the people she worked with in London and how ‘supportive’ they were of her taking time off. 

She noted that she enjoyed how ‘vibrant’ London was, adding that San Francisco is a lot smaller. 

However, she said that she has made California her home and has found parts of it to love. 

Tory noted that she ‘misses’ the health care in the UK and the people she worked withTory noted that she ‘misses’ the people she worked with in London and how ‘supportive’ they were

In another video, Tory opened up about the truth about her life in San Francisco, hitting back at the increasingly grimy view that many people have of the city – particularly in the wake of rising crime rates. 

She insisted that not every area of the city is overrun with homelessness and crime, noting that many people who live in the city reside in neighborhoods that are much safer and more picturesque. 

‘If you go there, it’s such a different picture,’ she said. ‘San Francisco is one of the most visually stunning cities I’ve ever lived in in my life, and I’ve lived in London and I’ve lived in New York City.’ 

She went on to highlight the city’s ‘unparalleled’ access to nature, as well as its great weather. 

As for the job differences, Tory said there are several stark contrasts between corporate life in the UK and the US, explaining that differences exist in every aspect of her job, from vacation time to office culture. 

Despite the fact that she still works at the same company she was employed by in the UK, she said that things are very different now that she’s back in the US. 

‘So the first thing I noticed is an obvious one, but it’s true… vacation,’ she said in another video. ‘On the whole people get a lot less vacation here than they do in the UK and Europe. 

‘What this means is that people just don’t have as much free time to come on friends’ trips or to go on weekends away or time with their family or partner.’ 

Tory went on to note that the concept of ‘work/life balance’ is also viewed very differently between the countries, particularly when it comes to their vacation time. 

‘For example when I worked in Europe, someone would go on vacation and they would not be available at all,’ she explained. 

‘Whereas here in the US, it’s very common for people to leave their personal cellphone numbers in case you need them, or to take their laptop on vacation.’  

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