Fenty Magnificence, Kylie Cosmetics & extra – are celeb magnificence manufacturers well worth the hype?

Call us jaded if you like, but as beauty editors, we’re sceptical about celebrity makeup and skincare brands. “Being in the industry for so long has made me cynical when it comes to A-listers putting their names on products,” says HELLO!’s beauty expert Donna Francis.

“I question whether they come from an authentic place or whether it’s just a PR move in order to rake in the big bucks.”

To save you from wasting your money and time on celeb-backed brands that are all style and no substance, we wanted to share with you the ones we’ve tried, tested and would repurchase… read on for our expert take.

For no-nonsense skincare: Kylie Skin

Melanie Macleod rates Kylie Skin

“Say what you want about Kylie Jenner setting unrealistic beauty standards, the girl creates a killer product. My fellow Beauty Collective expert Lydia loves Kylie Cosmetics, but for me, it’s all about Kylie Skin.

“From the pink-packaged collection, I’ve tried the ‘Foaming Face Wash’, the ‘Makeup Melting Cleanser’ and the ‘Vanilla Milk Toner’, and have been impressed with all of them, but it’s the cleanser I’ve repurchased each time I’ve finished it.

“The bouncy texture feels decadent, it makes light work of removing heavy makeup (no doubt tested by Kylie and the full face she is known for), and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple, ready for me to follow with the ‘Vanilla Milk Toner’.

“I normally follow my cleanser with an acid, such as REN’s ‘Ready Steady Glow’, which works harder than the Kylie Skin toner, which feels more suited to younger skin trying toner for the first time, as it’s gentle and nourishing and unlikely to cause any irritation.”

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For red-carpet-worthy makeup: Fenty Beauty

Kate Lockett loves Fenty Beauty

“If I could cover my face and body in all Fenty Beauty every day, I would. From inclusive shade ranges to impressive pigments and staying power, it truly is a celebrity beauty brand worth investing in.

“My first foray into Rihanna’s world was with the unrivalled Gloss Bomb lip glosses. The deliciously scented, nude rose shade of ‘Fenty Glow‘ will forever hold a place in my heart, and makeup bag. Non-sticky with high shine, I have no hesitation declaring that it is one of the few beauty products I have bought (and will continue to buy) as a beauty journalist. 

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“Whilst the skincare and fragrance collections are sublime, just like Rihanna’s music, the makeup is my number one. Boasting an impressive 50 shades, the ‘We’re Even Hydrating Longwear Concealer‘ is my go-to for covering up blemishes and panda eyes. There is also minimal transfer onto my glasses, which is always a winner. And without turning this into a Fenty fan page, my last shout-out is the gorgeous, glow-giving ‘Killawatt Highlighter‘ that leaves your skin looking warm and radiant with one light sweep of your brush. Ok, I promise, I’m done.” 

Donna Francis was intrigued by Sonsie

“I’ll be honest, I normally steer clear of celebrity beauty brands, but if I had to pick a favourite, it would be Sonsie Skin, a new limited collection of clean skincare products co-founded by Pamela Anderson.

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“There has been much scepticism about the authenticity of this launch, given that previous to it, Pamela had gathered a lot of press about going makeup-free at numerous public events which created a lot of discussion about her skin and the skincare she was using. 

“Given that Sonsie was launched with very little fanfare – something that doesn’t happy with many celebrity brands, I would like to think that it was a genuine move for Pam to invest in a skincare brand (one that was originally founded by her son, Dylan’s partner, Paula Bruss.)

“I love how simple the launch was with just three products in the range. I love the Serum and the Lip Balm, but my favourite by far is the ‘Multi Moisture Mask’ which can be used as a daily moisturiser or if applied generously, as a more nourishing mask.”

For flawless makeup: Haus Labs

Lydia Mormen is obsessed with Haus Labs

“If you’ve been keeping up to date with the Beauty Collective content you would have seen me raving about the viral Haus Labs foundation and since falling in love with it I’ve become even more obsessed with the brand.

“The funny thing is I’m not even a fan of Lady Gaga’s music – but I feel like that’s how you know it’s really good. It’s not as if I’m seeing the brand through rose-tinted glasses. Although, nobody can deny her performance in A Star is Born was absolutely stellar.

“My current obsession is the new ‘PhD Hybrid Lip Glaze’. It comes in six semi-sheer shades from a cool pink to a rich deep brown and gives your lips a juicy plumpness without any of the tingling that some plumping products give. It’s also infused with prickly pear oil which helps to hydrate your lips, leaving them feeling after over time.”

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