‘Fairyland’ Solid Talks Seventies San Francisco at Sundance 2023

The thing about shooting a movie set in 1970’s San Francisco in 2023 is that those two time periods aren’t actually the same. The world is changing! The crew had their hands full when Fairyland, a film based on Alysia Abbott’s memoir of the same name about growing up with a gay father during the height of the AIDS epidemic in San Fran, decided to shoot on location. “San Francisco in the ’70s was the coolest thing to see in a movie,” said director Andrew Durham at the film’s Sundance premiere. “The production team did an incredible job finding these locations,” added Scoot McNairy, who plays Steve Abbott in the film. Above is the team discussing how they completed their time machine, along with:

➽ How Durham’s real life inspired his directorial debut by adapting this memoir
➽ How they made the film for the illiterate community
➽The weird trick Adam Lambert uses to make his ice cream taste better

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