Entertaining rock outfit performs ’70s favorites at San Francisco Elks Lodge

SAN FRANCISCO — Long-running hard rock and metal cover band Thunderbleed AKA Blind Vengeance brings its two-fisted celebration of heavy sounds to San Francisco Elks Lodge #3 on Post Street Saturday night.

Thunderbleed AKA Blind Vengeance show flyer

Brian Mello and Grant Kerber

A tribute act so good it requires two names, Thunderbleed AKA Blind Vengeance has a history going back to the late ’90s when it would occasionally hit San Francisco clubs when not playing house parties and backyard barbecues, though a fan-run website presents an elaborate band mythology that dates back even further. Fronted by consummate bar-boogie-ing showman Arnold “Action” Jackson (also known as Ajax Green, who played in ’90s SF alt-country band Granfaloon Bus and more recently with garage power-pop trio the Wrong Words), the group powered by the massive drum kit of band engine Doug Pooch (aka Russ Blackmar) — who has blown-up photos of himself on his double-bass heads. 

THUNDERBLEED aka BLIND VENGEANCE live at Hemlock Tavern 3/17/18 by
kustomgreaser on

While the line-up has changed since the early days, the current version of the band has included guitarist Brian Mello (formerly with the Morning Line, the Bellyachers and currently a member of Harold Ray and East Side Dynamite) for a number of years. Thunderbleed shows are an unrepentant celebration of rock, being a rocker and liking to rock. For this show at Elks Lodge #3 in Union Square benefiting the Elks National Foundation, fans can expect well-executed takes on radio hits and deep cuts from the likes of UFO, AC/DC, April Wine, Blue Öyster Cult, Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy when the band takes the stage. DJ Malderor and DJ Foodcourt play appropriately loud “muscle car classics” before and after the band plays.

Thunderbleed AKA Blind Vengeance
Saturday, Sept. 23, 7 p.m. $10
Elks Lodge #3 

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